How is Rick Scott like Mark Sanford? Plus: Kriseman says citizens might have to take up recall

Fear not. I seriously doubt anyone will be “hiking the Appalachian trail” with this guy anytime soon. But Florida’s governor does have some things in common with the disgraced former governor of South Carolina…

From TIME:

Florida Governor Rick Scott gives off a wide-eyed glow of certainty about everything he does. The Tea Party Republican has worn it from the moment he took office on Jan. 4, and since then he’s rankled even conservatives in his own party with his imperious style. In his first eight weeks, he’s put forth a budget proposal that slashes education spending — an area in which low-wage, low-tech Florida can’t really afford to scrimp — by 15%; put the kibosh on a high-speed-rail project, funded with federal and private dollars, that could have created up to 30,000 jobs; campaigned to repeal a prescription-drug-monitoring law in a state where seven people die each day from an overdose; and pressed to kill two amendments that Floridians passed last November to curb the reckless gerrymandering of their legislative districts.

But as much as Scott would like to think he’s revolutionizing government, it’s best to remember that we already saw this movie not so long ago, starring former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford — and the ending wasn’t pretty. Long before “hiking the Appalachian Trail” became the media’s favorite euphemism for Sanford’s clandestine meetings with his Argentine mistress, the Palmetto State’s chief executive was a conservative who, like Scott, was so convinced of his government-reduction dogma that he believed he could disregard his state legislature and the fellow Republicans who controlled it. And while he’ll be remembered for the sex scandal, in many ways Sanford’s lasting legacy will be the thwarted economic development of one of the nation’s poorest states. He repeatedly vetoed trade centers and tourism-marketing initiatives, he left the public schools about as decrepit as he found them, and his miserly effort to lure a $500 million Airbus plant to South Carolina was widely blamed for the loss of that bid. …

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This as the idea of recalling Scott seems to be gaining traction — though it could be that if Rep. Rick Kriseman’s amendment can’t make it through the GOP controled legislature, a citizen sponsored initiative may be necessary. In fact, Kriseman is saying as much himself:

Being just one guy in the minority in the Florida Legislature, sometimes all I can do is start a conversation. Given the hyper partisanship in Tallahassee, the likelihood of any of my ideas being well-received is almost nil. But I do believe in the power of the citizenry, in your ability to assist me and to affect change on your own. If the legislature is not willing to make better decisions and address the corruption, then the people should. You never know, maybe my Republican friends will surprise me and move this legislation along. They should. It’s good, sensible policy and those of us who are honest and decent public servants have nothing to worry about.

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2 Responses to How is Rick Scott like Mark Sanford? Plus: Kriseman says citizens might have to take up recall

  1. Bob says:

    I wonder if Gov. Scott has any ‘friends’ in the pharmaceutical industry…

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