Rick Scott: ‘incredibly unpopular’ (just like Walker, Kasich) **BONUS: open letter to voters who’ve changed their minds

Somebody out there voted for this guy. Good luck finding five people who will admit it.

From Public Policy Polling:

You could say Rick Scott’s honeymoon is over…but that would suggest he had one in the first place. A December PPP poll shortly before Scott took office found that only 33% of Florida voters had a favorable opinion of their new Governor to 43% who viewed him negatively. After a few months in office those numbers have only gotten worse- Scott’s approval rating is just 32% while 55% of voters in the state are unhappy with his work so far.

Scott’s numbers leave a lot to be desired across the political spectrum. Only 57% of Republicans approve of the job he’s doing to 27% who disapprove. To put those numbers into some context his counterparts in the Midwest who are having their own popularity problems at least are doing far better within their own parties- Wisconsin’s Scott Walker stands at 86% with Republicans, Ohio’s John Kasich is at 71%, and Michigan’s Rick Snyder has a 68% approval with GOP voters.

Outside of his own party Scott’s support is close to nonexistent. Only 31% of independents like what he’s done so far to 54% who disapprove. And with Democrats his approval is just 11% to 81% who disapprove. For sake of comparison Marco Rubio’s disapproval with Democrats is only 51%, 30 points lower than Scott’s and his disapproval with independents is only 31%, 23 points lower than Scott’s.

The Florida Governor’s race was one of the closest in the country last year with Scott winning by a razor thin margin even in one of the best Republican years ever. If voters got to do it over again today it would be no contest- Alex Sink leads Scott 56-37 in a hypothetical rematch. Independents say they would vote for her by a whooping 32 point margin at 61-29 and even 21% of Republicans now say they’d vote for her, more than twice the 10% level of GOP support exit polls showed her winning in November.

The poll re-racks the key issue that hurt Alex Sink last fall: turnout. In short, she and her running-mate, current Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith, failed – utterly – to turn out their vote. And short-sided, pouty Democrats failed to realize that as bland and often dismissive of the base as Ms. Sink was, voting for her was the only way to keep Governor 666 out of the governor’s mansion:

For instance voters under 30 say they would support Sink by a 67-26 margin if the election was today- but those folks made up only 8% of the electorate in the state last year. If they had turned out in greater numbers Scott would have been in the dustbin of Florida political history four months ago. Turnout from African Americans (who say they would vote for Sink now 85-8) and Hispanics (who say they would vote for Sink 69-28) was also down as a share of the electorate last year from 2008. Democratic voters may be disgusted with Scott as Governor but to some extent they did it to themselves by not showing up to vote in November.

Boom, goes the dynamite.

Also unpopular today?

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And now, for your bonus. This goes out to all the Rick Scott votes who have now changed their minds. I can’t describe it to you. You just have to click here and read it for yourself. You’ll thank me (or punch yourself in the face. Either way…)

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5 Responses to Rick Scott: ‘incredibly unpopular’ (just like Walker, Kasich) **BONUS: open letter to voters who’ve changed their minds

  1. I have “pouty Dem” friends who stayed home on election day. Every time they open their yaps about Governor 666, I throw their stupidity in their stupid faces.

    PS: Great blog. Found you via comments at the SPT, and I’m glad I did.

  2. JReid says:

    Betty, I’m glad I found YOU! Just read your piece on Florida Rick Scott voters who get it. Absolutely hilarious!! Linking to it right now. Are you on Twitter?

  3. Thanks! We seem to have a mutual friend in Allan. I rarely tweet, but my group blog linked above has a feed at http://twitter.com/rumproast.

  4. majii says:

    I loved the letter to the FL voters! They are saddled with this POS until January 2015 and will have to watch as he gets richer via his Solantic scheme, guts every environmental regulation he can get his hands on, privatizes as much of the government as possible, and gives their tax money to corporations. I feel sorry for them in a way, but in a way, I don’t. The conservatives who voted for Scott either failed to vet Scott properly or ignored the warning signs that he wouldn’t be a governor that would look out for the citizens’ best interests. The democrats that stayed home have no excuse, and Betty Cracker’s comment regarding the ones who are now complaining says it best.

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