This is true: Rubio’s not running in 2012

Marco Rubio throws cold water on GOP hopes, saying he won’t lend some ethnic star power to the 2012 race for president. And you should believe him.

Politico reports (beneath a really bad pic of Marco, by the way):

Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio is pushing back against rumors that he’s considering running for president in 2012, saying in his first national television interview since being elected that he’s focused on doing the job voters sent him to Washington to do.

“I’m not running for president in 2012,” said the Florida Republican, who leveraged tea party support to beat then-Gov. Charlie Crist in a GOP primary and, ultimately, in the general election, where Crist ran as an independent. “I want to be United States senator. I want to be the best United States senator that Florida’s ever had.”

“I just got elected three months ago,” Rubio said in an interview with ABC News, released in part on Tuesday morning. “So how can I be a full-time United States senator if my eye’s already on something else?”

“Even speculating about it is problematic, because when you speculate about it what you’re basically saying is, I’m thinking about something other than the job that I have before me,” he said. But Rubio didn’t rule out being considered as the vice presidential running-mate for the eventual 2012 GOP presidential candidate. Some observers think he would be a smart pick, drawing in Hispanic voters, who in large part lean Democratic.

Don’t count on it.

The smart money (and TRR sources) say Jeb Bush will very likely run for president in 2016 — when there’s no incumbent president with re-election-ready approval ratings and a rock solid ethnic voting base. And if Jeb is going to run, Rubio can’t. Not in 2012, when he’d preclude Jeb’s own hopes, and not in 2016, when they’d face the minor constitutional problem of being from the same state. Marco Rubio may well want to run for president, but you cannot discount his loyalty to Jeb, who in many ways, created him.

Sorry, GOPers, but you’re pretty much stuck with the freak show.

The Apprentice: Jeb Bush, the man behind Marco Rubio

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7 Responses to This is true: Rubio’s not running in 2012

  1. Marco Rubio is declining to run because he doesn't have the support of the Hispanic Caucus or Hispanics around the country. As a Cuban descendant, he understands that Cubans receive a Lions Share of Welfare. Thanks to Ronald Ray-Gunn.If he thought he would receive the overall Hispanic vote, this little turd would run! However he has been blatantly anti-Hispanic because it doesn't affect his ancestral group. Cubans within 24hrs of arriving, are given Legal Papers, Medicaid, Food-Stamps, and $600.00 thanks to this immigration setup in their favour by Ronald Ray-Gunn! Hence, Cubans can never be called illegal. They're fast-tracked immediately as they arrive!. The non-Cuban Hispanics can't stand him as he overtly goes against their best interests more rabidly than most Southern Racists ! So although the older Cubans will fall in the party line to thank Ray-Gunn, the younger ones, especially ones born here in the USA, are going aginst the party grain and registering and voting Democratic. He's not supported by the Hispanic Caucus, hence doesn't have a chance in HELL!!!

  2. good riddance to bad rubbish !!… but he WILL RUN…EVENTUALL​Y !!

  3. If he thought he could win he wouldn't run…..he'd haul butt!!!!

  4. As my grandma used to say "when you here the Truth just say AMEN." Nothing else is needed. Amen

  5. good riddance to bad rubbish !!… but he WILL RUN…EVENTUALLY !!

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