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FL Republican Senator on Arizona-style immigration bill: who will pick my blueberries?

Florida Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander wants to get an Arizona-style immigration bill passed this session. Rick Scott campaigned on it. The tea party is demanding it, and J.D. is nothing if not accommodating.  But since the Senator is also … Continue reading

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Remainders: science 1, vouchercare 0

In case you’ve been busy yelling at your GOP representative at a Medicare town hall, here are some stories you might have missed this week…

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President on tornado damage: ‘never seen devastation like this’, Perry asks ‘what about Texas?’ **UPDATED w/ president’s remarks

The president and first lady arrived in Alabama on Friday to see the aftermath of hundreds of devastating tornadoes.

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Friday video vault: MJB, ‘All That I Can Say’

Mary gets a pass on the horrible red outfit for delivering a hot song. So what’s the 411?

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(Video) Franklin Graham can’t say Holocaust Jews would go to heaven

So, Franklin Graham, the Official Ministerial Supporter of Donald “Effing” Trump, goes on Bill O’Reilly’s show and pretty much gives Christianity a bad name … again.

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President, first lady, to visit the storm-ravaged south

President Obama signed a disaster declaration for Alabama Friday, and will visit the region today to survey the damage caused by a series of deadly tornadoes.

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The colonies heart the royals

Revolution, shmevolution! Yes, Great Britain, your breakaway colony still loves you.

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Allen West: ‘Medicare as it is now will destroy America’

Allen West defends his vote to replace Medicare with vouchers at yet another town hall, this time admitting how he really feels about the program that’s so important to his Palm Beach constituents.

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(Video) What a Libertarian believes: Ron Paul would ‘transition America out’ of Medicare, Social Security

And according to Rep. Paul, who has had his salary and healthcare paid by the American taxpayer since 1976, the young people would LOVE IT. Watch: Oh, and by the way, for my progressive friends, you wanna know who else … Continue reading

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If you should accidentally show your Glock, Florida’s got your back

Say you’re walking down the street with an AR-15 secreted under your arm or a Glock holstered around your waist; and a gust of wind blows back your military surplus-issue flak jacket from your weekend militia activity, revealing the muzzle … Continue reading

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