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Wisconsin election UPDATE: Kloppenburg beats Prosser, recount expected; Dems take Walker’s old spot

UPDATE 4: There’s been yet another lead change in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

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Boom goes the dynamite: DWS to chair the DNC **UPDATE: Debbie comes out swinging

In her first speech as the DNC chair designate, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz minces no words.

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Kaine makes it official: he’ll run for VA Senate

Roll Call reports Tim Kaine has given the White House what it wants in Virginia: his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

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Florida Dems online: The ‘Bill Nelson Party’ **UPDATED**

The Florida Democratic Party finally has a new website (and welcome to the 21st Century, by the way…) But TRR notice something missing from the visuals and message … can you guess what that is?

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Bye-bye Gbagbo: Obama tells Ivorian leader to go, surrender talks reportedly under way

The BBC reports that Cote d’Ivoire’s deposed, but recalcitrant president, Laurent Gbagbo, is holed up in his presidential palace, while his top generals try to negotiate a surrender.

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Paul Ryan’s big, bold (bad) plan to end Medicare & Medicaid **UPDATED**

Paul Ryan apparently figured out the bad PR residue from calling his Medicare overhaul a “voucher” plan, so he’s tarted it up as “premium support,” and away we go…

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**UPDATE: Democratic memo: why Barack Obama can’t close Gitmo or try KSM in New York

Democrats, particularly liberal activists, will not want to hear this. But President Obama cannot close the Bush-created prison at Guantanamo Bay, or try the remaining detainees still stuck in that island gulag, on his own. Like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and … Continue reading

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(Video) CNN’s Cooper talks to woman alleged to be Eman al-Obeidy, alleged Libyan rape victim

CNN had dramatic updates to the Eman al-Obeidy story on Monday:

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The bottomless malevolence of Clarence Thomas

Of all the Supreme Court justices in my memory, none is more defined by his hatreds and complaints than Clarence Thomas. Now, Thomas has written a new, malign chapter in his malevolent, pitiful book of life.

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