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DCCC begins hitting Florida, other GOPers who voted to end Medicare

When your leadership forces you to take a vote on privatizing Medicare, it would probably behoove you to vote “no.” The GOP’s 235 House members didn’t get the memo. So let the push-back begin:

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Permanent Minority Rule: FL GOPers wreck the state, make it harder to vote them out

When you’re busy destroying Florida, by turning it into a third-world tax haven, where developers have free reign, women are all-but strapped to the gurney and forced to give birth, and public schools are reduced to test taking factories manned … Continue reading

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How to spend like a Republican: lavish fundraiser nets $650

Republicans throw a glitzy fundraiser featuring a big-time country star, and give new meaning to the term “break even.”

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Tax the rich! Polls show a majority want to tax millionaires, leave Medicare, Medicaid alone

The Club for Growth isn’t gonna like this, but when you ask Americans how they’d balance the budget, they’re answer is clear: raise taxes on rich people.

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Rules for radicals

If you wear a funny hat, you will receive massive television coverage for your protest rally, no matter how small … unless you are a left wing radical, in which case your rally will appear on CSPAN 3, no matter how … Continue reading

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