Beltway FAIL: poll shows Obama, Dems won budget showdown

The budget combatants: Senate Leader Harry Reid, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner

Only in the minds of Beltway media types, liberal economists and Obama disappointment fetishists did John Boehner and Republicans win the recent budget showdown, proving once again that the elite among us, despite being some of the smartest people in the country, just don’t think like regular people. 

The National Journal recounts the results of a new CNN poll which shows that:

- Most Americans credit President Obama and the Democrats for the compromise (48 percent) than credit Congressional Republicans (35 percent, including the mainstream media and angry liberals) or both (11 percent). Another 3 percent credit “neither.”

- Most Americans approve of the budget compromise (58 percent) versus 38 percent who disapprove. That includes most Democrats (66 percent) and most independents (56 percent) and even a large share of Republicans (47 approve and 49 percent oppose it).

- More Americans approve of Obama’s handling of negotiations (54 percent approve) than approve of Congress’ handling (54 percent disapprove.)

- Obama’s approval ratings (48/50) are in better shape than John Boehner’s (41/43).

- On the policy, Republicans have strayed far, far outside the mainstream.

-Their plan to kill funding for Planned Parenthood is opposed by 65 percent of Americans, and their plan to defund the EPA so it can’t regulate climate change is opposed by 71 percent. Even their idea of defunding “Obamacare” is opposed by a majority (58 percent) versus just 41 percent who say “defund it.”

Look, when it comes to Washington, there’s politics and there’s policy. President Obama has been winning the politics in D.C. since December. We’re still waiting to hear how the policy will shake out, since, as the cynics on the left don’t acknowledge, we still have no details on what cuts will be included in the $38.5 billion, though we do know that less than half come from non-discretionary spending; where all the pain for the poor and middle class would be.

And similarly, we don’t know what President Obama is going to propose on Wednesday, making pre-empting wails like the one coming out of Paul Krugman this morning, oddly premature and defeatist.

Meanwhile, House Dems are scrambling to revise their plans ahead of Wednesday.

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6 Responses to Beltway FAIL: poll shows Obama, Dems won budget showdown

  1. We better get out the fainting couches, the firebaggers are gonna get all verklempt and filled with poutrage. But does it really matter what is proposed, they will get their panties in a bunch no matter what.

    Great blog, I’ve added you to my roll.

    Thanks for caring about people.

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  4. Lars Olsson says:

    Well, now we know – at least, it seems likely (according to WaPo) that Obama will be endorsing Simpson-Bowles’ “catfood commission” suggestions. Does this make you happy? Unhappy? Meh? And do you still think Krugman’s column, in light of this new information, is “defeatist?” Or was it relatively accurate and prescient, despite – as you correctly note – having been written without certain knowledge of what would be forthcoming from the administration?

  5. Flo says:

    There are some disputing that, Lars. Endorsing Simpson-Bowles would seem like a poor negotiating strategy. Can’t we wait until tomorrow? (I recall spending 3 days before the State of the Union hearing from the media what he would be saying. Media: stfu)

  6. Tammy says:

    No, we can;t wait till tomorrow, Flo. We’ve got to speculate, gnash teeth, clutch pearls and assume what Obama will say. Then based on that, call President Obama names and say how he caved, is weak, has no balls and on and on.

    And when whatever they speculate would happen does not happen, it’s time to move on to the next poutrage of the day.

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