Remainders: science 1, vouchercare 0

In case you’ve been busy yelling at your GOP representative at a Medicare town hall, here are some stories you might have missed this week…

In Florida, the ACLU is challenging Florida felon rights rollback in an appeal to the Justice Department.

Score one for science, as stem cell research is restored by judge’s ruling.

Is Michele Bachmann inching away from the Paul Ryan plan? And is Ryan himself becoming delusional? Is he forgetting what’s happening at his own town halls?

After-birther: Orrin Hatch tries to scrub off the birther residue.

Mitt trips over hanging remark.

And so much for that social issues truce, Mitch Daniels

Grover Norquist planning to set a continual debt limit trap?

And this might be the dumbest, most irrelevant story ever printed.

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