(Video) Franklin Graham can’t say Holocaust Jews would go to heaven

So, Franklin Graham, the Official Ministerial Supporter of Donald “Effing” Trump, goes on Bill O’Reilly’s show and pretty much gives Christianity a bad name … again.

After saying he disagrees with President Obama’s policies “as a citizen” not as a man of um … God … the unfortunate son of the Rev. Billy Graham goes on to say some tea party stuff about spending, kind of admits he believes in helping the poor, kind of, and then he calls a fellow pastor who denies the literal existence of hell a “heretic.” After that, the discussion really gets interesting, as Frances Martel explains:

O’Reilly then switched gears completely to the spiritual, asking about recent comments by another preacher that the concept of Hell completely defies the belief in a loving and forgiving God. Those who believe so, according to Rev. Graham, are “heretics,” as the Bible is “very clear” on the existence of Hell. “What about people who don’t know the Bible?” O’Reilly asked, using the “really stark” example of Jews who died in the Holocaust without believing in Jesus Christ. “No one will have an excuse when he stands before God,” Rev. Graham responded, without really noting whether said victims, particularly children, would be given a pass for not believing specifically in Jesus. “All I can tell you is what is in this book, the Bible,” he noted, agreeing with O’Reilly that God was “just.” O’Reilly persisted, however, until Rev. Graham just dismissed the argument– “forget the children of the Holocaust”– and directed him to the text of the Bible once again.

Ga… There’s also some stuff in there about Jesus revealing himself to people in the bush via the sunlight, or something … Ga…

BTW, I wonder how the right reverend will feel about his fave presidential candidate’s potty mouth, and whether a multiply-married curse-word slinger can go to heaven…

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5 Responses to (Video) Franklin Graham can’t say Holocaust Jews would go to heaven

  1. Jackie collins says:

    I am a fundamentalist and long been a supporter of Billy Graham, but his son has completely destroyed my confidence in the Graham name. him supporting a man that has made his wealth in gambling and questionable activities, not to mention his foul mouth. I do not believe that my God would support this type of behavior. I also, cannot support this type of person to be President of a country that is supporting of the Christian faith. I have in the past supported Samaritans Purse, I will never again!!!!! I question Franklin’s Christianity and his dedication to serving Jesus. It looks very self serving.

  2. rick sisser says:

    Bigots don’t get in….this guy is a bigot

  3. Carolyn says:

    People want to live the way they want to. You have to take all the bible not just some. You may not like it but it is Gods word.. You have to read John 3:16 you cant change the bible to fit your needs. It is the truth the way and the light.

  4. ken echlin says:

    Believers in this hate based filth are menyally ill.

  5. ken echlin says:

    The god of the Bile commits atrocities by murdering children, killing his own people the Jews, he make wagers with Satan who killed Job’s 10 kids and God did not object, That’s why I wipe my ass with the Bible pages, Christians are brainwashed.

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