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Winning by losing? U.S. manufacturing could make a comeback via lower wages, labor concessions

This is either really good news, or incredibly depressing.

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Florida State University sells faculty control for Koch money **UPDATED**

It just doesn’t quit. A Florida university puts its integrity, and its economics department, up for sale.

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Highlights from the new NBC/WSJ poll

President Obama gets high marks for strong leadership and foreign policy, low marks on the economy, and an approval rating in strong re-elect territory in the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. 

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The Florida legislative session: the bad, the sag, and the ugly

The Florida spring legislative session is a wrap. Saggy pants, bestiality and bath salts are out. Expanded development and Medicaid HMOs are in.

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**UPDATE: Conservative Spence Publishing mixes up “Obama” and “Osama” in a most unfortunate way

Obama, Osama … Spence Publishing needs a proofreader (or an in-house psychiatrist)

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Mission accomplished? League of Women Voters to halt voter registration in Florida due to restrictive new law

Florida Republicans push through a new law that places onerous restrictions on voter registration organizations, and voters. Now, the League of Women Voters says it’s getting out of the voter registration business in the state.

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