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(Video) Common performs poetry at the White House; world doesn’t end **UPDATED with full text of Common’s poem**

You might want to tell any senior citizen Fox News viewers to leave the room before clicking. Meanwhile…

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Common sense: Dear media, please stop playing the right’s phony, racially tinged controversy game

If Sean Hannity poses a question, there’s a good chance there’s nothing newsworthy in the answer.

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Obama’s rolling bounce? **UPDATED**

Poll-watchers have been scratching their heads over why the capture of Osama bin Laden hasn’t yielded a bigger bounce for President Barack Obama. A new AP poll suggests increased support for the president may not come in one blip, but … Continue reading

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GOP freshmen write the president: stop making us defend our vote to kill Medicare!

House GOP frosh aren’t enjoying the aftermath of their vote to deep six Medicare. Now, they’re asking the president to throw them a lifeline.

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Dems get their man: Sanchez to run in Texas

Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, who led the war in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 and then became a key critic of the Bush administration’s war strategy after the Abu Ghraib scandal, is expected to announce he’ll run for the U.S. … Continue reading

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Richard Clarke: capturing bin Laden was not a Bush administration priority

As George W. Bush’s loyalists (and their friends in the Beltway media) continue to try to shoehorn Bush into the story of how the Obama administration made the calls that finally nabbed Osama bin Laden, reality keeps pushing back.

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