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The John Ensign report: this. is. not. good.

Getting out of the Senate didn’t help John Ensign stop the Senate ethics committee from reporting its findings, or from referring them to the Justice Department. Uh-oh…

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Well that should fix it: after angry Medicare town halls, West touts award from right wing ‘seniors’ front group

GOP freshmen are not having a good spring. Ever since they voted to end Medicare, their constituents have been mad at them. They’ve tried convincing them at town halls, and even begging Democrats, up to and including the president, to … Continue reading

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‘For Sale University’? Florida college’s academic integrity under fire over Koch money. Plus, what about BB&T?

Florida State University’s academic integrity is under fire over money they accepted from a corporation and a Koch family foundation, which places decisions about faculty in the hands of the libertarian brothers who brought you Americans for Prosperity.

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Trump’s Apprentice ‘on the bubble’

NBC announces its Fall schedule on Monday. And it looks like The Donald returning to the peacock network is anything but a sure thing.

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It starts: Huntsman flip-flops on cap and trade **UPDATED**

For Jon Huntsman, the road to the White House could be paved with backtracks.

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WSJ hammers Romney: ‘compromised and not credible’

Mitt Romney’s biggest problem has always been authenticity. You don’t acquire the nickname “Multiple Choice Mitt” for nothing.

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Today’s Herald Column: small government, Florida style

Welcome to Florida, where the state is boss.

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Kendrick Meek … blogger?

Every so often I’ll get one of those “what ever happened to Kendrick Meek?” queries from someone who followed the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign in Florida, and who wonders why the former Miami Congressman has been so quiet since finishing … Continue reading

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