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Rapture music: ‘Waiting for the end’, Linkin Park

The countdown is on, people. Look sharp!

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Trumka to blast those seeking ‘I got mine’ nation

Labor leader Richard Trumka, who heads the powerful AFL-CIO, will take a giant step away from the Democratic Party in a speech today, while slamming a Republican budget he says is aimed at breaking the middle class.

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Anti-abortion Dem’s son arrested for Medicaid fraud

She’s been embroiled in a nasty dust-up with fellow Democrats after she voted for a series of abortion restricting bills pushed by Republicans. Now, Miami-area state Rep. Daphne Campbell has trouble on the homefront.

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The Bard of Gingrich: the best send-ups of Rick Tyler, poet-spokesman

He may not have much in the way of a presidential campaign, but I think we can all agree that Newt Gingrich has the best … spokesman … ever …

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Stuck with you: the GOP’s unhappy choices for 2012 **UPDATED**

With the 2012 election a year and a half away, there’s still plenty of time for someone new and exciting to emerge as a candidate to take on President Barack Obama. Until then, Republicans are stuck with these folks.

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