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When you have to say it… Fox News denies Roger Ailes thinks Sarah Palin is stupid

Wow, Roger Ailes is more mainstream than we thought…

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The Hermanator insists his campaign isn’t broke (then tries to fix it)

Herman Cain is NOT a novelty candidate for president. Just ask Herman Cain.

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The Paul Ryan vouchercare trap: who’s in, who’s wriggling out **UPDATE: Florida Dems query ‘the hair’

Pollsters tried to warn them away from it, they themselves felt uneasy about it, but when 235 House Republicans jumped into the Paul Ryan vouchercare briar patch with both feet this spring, they set a trap that their candidates, up … Continue reading

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Video: Bradley Manning at the ‘hacker space’

Before he leaked copious amounts of State Department documents he shouldn’t have had access to, Pfc. Bradley Manning was hanging with (fellow?) hackers in Boston — including his current chief defender, David House. From PBS’ Frontline: Watch the full episode. … Continue reading

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With Daniels staying out, no ‘Superman’ for the GOP **UPDATE: Erickson’s blah ‘rah rah’

For the Republican Party, there will be no last minute miracle.

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What was that about? ’60 Minutes’ does a drive-by on Rev. Al Sharpton

In an otherwise terrific double episode that examined the plight of farm workers and their children, who are pushed to work long hours to help support their families, plus a serious expose on alleged “doping” by cyclist Lance Armstrong, “60 … Continue reading

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