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(Audio flashback) Herman Cain: voice of the ‘don’t snuff my seed,’ ‘ho’ ad

I wish this was a joke. It is NOT a joke. Watch: Now let me reiterate: this is NOT a joke …

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Remainders: RINO hunting, the right digs in, and the Senate vouchercare vote

If you want to get a peek inside the Republican psyche heading into 2012, you have to go to the source.

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Rick Scott deeply unpopular; 6 in 10 Floridians call GOP budget ‘unfair to people like them’

Florida’s governor almost could not be more unpopular. And did I mention that the Republican Party is holding its nominating convention in Florida?

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White House threatens veto over Gitmo, endless ‘war on terror’ provisions in defense bill

If a House bill extending the “global war on terror” beyond the post-9/11 mandate, and placing new restrictions on trying detainees and implementing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” manages to get through the Senate, the president will likely … Continue reading

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Is it possible the feds will prosecute John Edwards … but not John Ensign?

ABC News has learned that an indictment of former Senator, vice presidential and presidential candidate John Edwards is imminent.

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**UPDATE: No joy in Lukeville; Campbell comes in fourth, Miami-Dade mayor’s race headed for run-off

In the end, it just wasn’t that interesting to most people.

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