Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo of my mother, then Philomena Carryl, undated, but taken some time in the 1960s in New York.

In memory of my mom, and in honor of all the mothers, grandmothers, great-grands and godmothers out there, have a happy, wonderful Mother’s Day! A book recommend after the jump. 

My mother had a singular talent for making life special, and fun. Whether it was road trips in the station wagon, checking into a hotel a mile away from home to pretend we were on vacation (when we couldn’t afford to go on a real vacation), or trekking off to an old Colorado mining town or to the Renaissance fair, just to see and experience something different from our small, suburban town, she was one in a million.

Here’s to all the “one in a million” moms on their special day.

The TRR Mother’s Day post of the day goes to Andrew Sullivan: “Mother’s Day and War”

And now to the book recommend:

Soon to be added to my (growing, unmanageable) reading list: “A Singular Woman” by Janny Scott, which tells the story of President Barack Obama’s unconventional mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Story here.


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4 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Flo says:

    And Happy Mothers Day to Joy Reid.

  2. JReid says:

    Thank you, Flo!

  3. Russell King says:

    Please take this the right way: Your mother is breath-takingly beautiful.

  4. jreid says:

    @Russell –
    Couldn’t take it as anything but a compliment! Cheers :)

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