Video: Bradley Manning at the ‘hacker space’

Before he leaked copious amounts of State Department documents he shouldn’t have had access to, Pfc. Bradley Manning was hanging with (fellow?) hackers in Boston — including his current chief defender, David House.

From PBS’ Frontline:

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Rawstory has the background. The full episode, “Wikisecrets” airs May 24th.

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One Response to Video: Bradley Manning at the ‘hacker space’

  1. gn says:

    This is pretty interesting; I wonder that no one counseled Manning against this activity.

    OT-Did the show also address the false accusations of torture? It’s pretty dismaying that any journalists would repeat such a serious accusation with no proof, and that there has been so little effort to correct what ended up being a completely false story.

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