(Video) ICYMI: The ‘Last Word’ Condi Rice interview

I’m not sure what’s more amazing about this interview; former Bush National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s crumbling decorum and seeming imperviousness to any fact that exists after March of 2003, or the fact that clips of the shellacking she took at the hands of Lawrence O’Donnell (who isn’t even a reporter) didn’t wind up splashed across the news cycle on Friday. Watch part one:

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Part two after the jump.

Here’s part two:

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It was a stunningly bad performance by Rice (who was a stunningly bad National Security Advisor, which due respect to McGeorge Bundy and Henry Kissinger.) But she will nonetheless probably get more airtime on the Sunday shows and beyond, along with all the other Bushies who for some reason, are THE sought after guests to discuss the accomplishments of President Barack Obama.

Actually, I think I know why clips of this interview didn’t wind up all over TV on Friday. Political reporters watch dayside TV…

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2 Responses to (Video) ICYMI: The ‘Last Word’ Condi Rice interview

  1. Black.Progressive.Patriot says:

    Dude, this is bad.
    Very, very bad.

  2. Norbrook says:

    She has to spin to cover the fact that she was an astonishingly bad NSA and SoS.

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