**UPDATED: You’ll just have to use your imagination. Obama nixes bin Laden photo release

Sorry, visual-hungry media, it’s a no.

Apparently, the president was persuaded by those in his cabinet, including Defense Secretary Bob Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that releasing the gruesome pics would do more harm than good.

From Al Jazeera English:

Barack Obama, the US president, has told an American television channel that he has decided not to release photos showing the body of Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, after he was killed by US commandos.

Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, said Obama had consulted members of his national security team before making the decision.

Carney said that in the interview with CBS, Obama had stressed it was important to keep photographic evidence from “floating around as incitement or propaganda tool”.

“That is not who we are. We don’t trot this stuff out as trophies,” Obama was quoted as saying in the interview for the channel’s “60 Minutes” programme.

“There is no doubt that we killed Osama bin Laden. You will not see bin Laden walking on this Earth again,” the president said.

“It is not in our national security interests to allow those images, as has been in the past been the case, to become icons to rally opinion against the United States,” Carney said.

US officials who have seen the pictures taken of bin Laden’s body have described them as “gruesome”.

There are fears that if the photos are released they could provoke anger and trigger a backlash against US personnel in the Muslim world.

Kelly Ayotte, a Republican senator, said on Wednesday that she had seen one picture showing bin Laden’s face and that she believed it confirmed his identity.

Also today, A.G. Eric Holder was forced to defend killing the terror leader against charges of breaching international law, because at the time of the raid, bin Laden was unarmed. Holder called bin Laden a legitimate military target, who made no attempt to surrender.

“It was justified as an act of national self-defence,” Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee, citing bin Laden’s admission of being involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

It was lawful to target bin Laden because he was the enemy commander in the field and the operation was conducted in a way that was consistent with US laws and values, he said, adding that it was a “kill or capture mission”.

“If he had surrendered, attempted to surrender, I think we should obviously have accepted that, but there was no indication that he wanted to do that and therefore his killing was appropriate,” Holder said.

President Obama will lay a wreath at the site of the Twin Towers in New York on Thursday. Former President George W. Bush declined an invitation to attend.

Some reactions, ranging from adult (John Boehner and of all people, Rep. Peter King) to ridiculous (the usual Alaska grifter) here.

The Florida Senators react.

President Obama’s interview with “60 Minutes,” in which he explains his rationale, airs Sunday. Preview here.

Meanwhile, the White House announces there will be no new narratives on the raid, either.

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6 Responses to **UPDATED: You’ll just have to use your imagination. Obama nixes bin Laden photo release

  1. Flo says:

    There is no shortage of gruesome photos on the internets, for those who want to see some blood. Maybe someone can show Sarah how to use her computer.

  2. Bobfr says:

    When each of those individuals demanding photos and videos of the death of OBL or of his dead body are willing to step forward and commit to being personally liable to the individuals and their families whom might be harmed in any way for our Government revealing the images to them – a la what happened recently to those UN employees in Afghanistan subsequent to the burning of a copy of the Koran – then I would suggest to the President that he bring them to a secure place and show them the images but not allow any way of those person’s copying and distributing them.

    Members of the press could be permitted to state that they have seen the images – and, yes, KO if you want to watch the video of OBL being killed, if such video exists, watch it all you want, dude. But, once again, only under the condition that each member of the press and their organizations be willing to assume full liability for harm that might come to one of the thousands of civilians serving in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., for their reporting of what they saw.

    Freedom of the press does not confer a right to incite violence against others.

  3. Mereswin says:

    I wonder if people asked FDR to release the dead pictures of Hitler, America celebrated the fact that Hitler was dead who never attacked America.

    and yet with President Obama our Nobel Peace Prize Commander-in-Chief….

    ….people on the right and the fauxgressives are upset that people cheered just like they did 1945 at moments notice when America found out Hitler was gone but I don’t ever recall reading where people demanded to see Hitler’s dead pictures as some sort of confirmation – they took FDR at his word.

    But these same people want too see pictures of OBL, as confirmation that he is indeed dead not taking Obama’s word that he is indeed dead.

    For some reason, I have this funny feeling that one of Obama’s Republican foe’s or perhaps a Democrat will somehow circumvent the Executive office orders, to get those pictures released.

    The Obama administration is still making accomplishments and tending to the nations business even though Boehner keeps passing these useless bills that will never become law.

    btw msm sucks!!

  4. bmull says:

    It’s a close call. I’m not surprised Obama doesn’t want to release the photos, conciliatory fellow that he is, but I think the potential fallout is overestimated.

  5. Rupert says:

    We could follow the Bradley Manning doctrine and release the photos; and also photos, names and addresses of all of Navy SEALS involved.
    Let a bipartisan group of congress/media view them for “proof” purposes, and if 911 victims’ families want to view them, no prob.

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