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TRR vacation open thread

While the editor is away (in Colorado), feel free to blog about the country. I’ll be updating when I’m not having a martini. Enjoy!

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Halperin in the skillet over Obama comment

I’m on vacation for two whole days, and this happens.

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Rick Scott jets off to Colorado for a little Koch (meeting)

When you’re the governor of the tea party, you’ve got to give a little face time to the Koch brothers, every once in a while.

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Happy Election Day, Miami-Dade! Now get out there and vote

So these are your choices, folks. Pick one.

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Conservatives, women and the ideological division of respect

Conservatives have an … interesting relationship with women, which depends entirely on the ideology of the woman in question.

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Up for debate: could Obama ‘pull a Bush’ on debt ceiling, DREAM Act?

It’s a common meme among the “professional left” that President Obama is just like George W. Bush when it comes to economic and foreign policy. But could that meme, if true, be helpful to the president on two key issues?

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Advice to Rep. Chris Murphy: stay off Twitter, watch your back. The Thomasbots will be watching

With Anthony Weiner driven out of Congress in a Twitter scandal, Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy now heads to the front lines in the ongoing Clarence Thomas scandal. That means Thomas’ online defenders could soon have a new target.

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Allegation: David Prosser grabs female fellow Wis. Supreme Court Justice in ‘choke hold’

A serious allegation has been leveled against newly re-elected conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who earlier allegedly called a female fellow justice a “total bitch.”

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**UPDATED** Poll: Rick Scott a liability to GOP presidential candidates in Florida; low poll numbers helping Obama

There’s a reason why Republican presidential hopefuls are smart to avoid being seen with Florida governor Rick Scott.

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This exists: white/Finnish filmmakers’ anti-abortion blaxploitation film

What do you get when you combine anti-abortion zealotry with a really poor, underdeveloped racial sensibility? You get anti-abortion filmmaking, “blaxploitation” style.

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