Another Breitbart media boomlet, another black target … coincidence?

Is it just me, or do Breitbart-generated media scandals more often than not target black people?

It’s bad enough that the media is falling all over itself to cover a story generated by a proven, habitual liar.

… and that reporters are wasting valuable time badgering a member of Congress for what everyone involved agrees wouldn’t be a crime even if Anthony Wiener did it, and in a case where the alleged victim says she’s never even met the Congressman, and didn’t see the alleged tweet (which apparently was seen only by the alleged “discoverer,” who tipped off Breitbart, and then clamped down and won’t talk to the media, though no reporters are hounding him…)

… and that the idea of trolling through a public figure’s Twitter followers looking for attractive young women around whom to build a scandal — and then publicizing their names and personal information — is the new tactic du jour of the right. (It’s not hard to do when a public figure has tens of thousands of followers, but follows just a couple hundred or less. Anyone can simply scroll through, sift out the reporters and politicians, and voila!)

It’s even worse that the media is ignoring the real, underlying story — the “original weinergate” — which is Clarence Thomas’ fundamental conflict of interest on healthcare reform, because of his wife’s major income from the Heritage Foundation, and Weiner’s prominent role in uncovering it.

But one of the things that’s really been bugging me is the pattern that’s developing with Breitbart. His “scandals” always seem to have a racial “edge.”

ACORN: his protege James O’Keefe, who has a history of racist associations and “resentments“, dresses up like a 70s pimp to prove that the majority black anti-poverty, voter registration group was pushing prostitution…

Shirley Sherrod: a Black employee of the Department of Agriculture who Breitbart falsely accused of “reverse racism.”

And now, of all the 189 people followed by Rep. Weiner, the Breitbartians pick on a black woman, Gennette Nicole Cordova. And then the splash her personal info all over the Internet, along with any other young woman they found in Weiner’s follow list.

Breitbart has claimed in the past that his conservative activism grew from his outrage over the Clarence Thomas hearings, in which Thomas was accused by a fellow Republican stalwart, Anita Hill, of sexual harassment (and a wicked porn fetish.)

Breitbart went ballistic over claims of racism in the tea party (a charge driven by the racist signs at tea party events,) and over his claim that tea partiers who spat on Black members of Congress either didn’t do it, or did it because they were provoked by the Congressmen.

Breitbart seems to have a fixation on black people. He has a particular viciousness when going after black people who have the nerve to not be, or not love, black conservatives. He’s constantly on the hunt for evidence of “reverse racism,” and has designated himself the chief protector of black right wingers.

Is it coincidental that the victim of his latest fake scandal is a black woman? And does the fact that the woman

Just questions.

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2 Responses to Another Breitbart media boomlet, another black target … coincidence?

  1. sjterrid says:

    No, It’s clear to me this is about race and going after anyone that is trying to help minorities, or who are trying to expose the truth about Clarence Thomas, the Koch Brothers, and Freedom United, and anyone they conceive as a threat to the way they do business.

  2. Allan says:

    Thanks for this, Joy. I appreciate your attention to the real story from which Breitbart and his odious fans are attempting to distract the media, with far more success than they deserve.

    When Gawker obtained those incriminating photos of Congressman Lee from NY, they held them until they had researched and interviewed people to confirm their validity BEFORE they published them. Breitbart rushed to throw this allegation into the media universe, and now his source has “disappeared” from Twitter, but the damage has already been done.

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