Finally it can be said: Rick Perry sounds and acts just like George W. Bush

Rick Perry and George W. Bush in their Texas tag team days. Are they both reading "My Pet Goat"???

I’d been thinking it for quite a while, and then I said it on Twitter, and to my surprise, I wasn’t alone. Now, the truth about Rick Perry is going mainstream: he sounds, gestures and acts just like George W. Bush.

Chris Cillizza takes on the question of Perry’s “Bushiness”:

As Perry inches closer to a run for president, some of his opponents maintain his one big vulnerability is not his record or the team around him, but rather his voice, accent and his mannerisms. In other words, he’s just too Bush-y.

Perry’s accent is similar to his fellow Texan, as is the swagger and the way Perry enunciates his points when he speaks. He pronounces “American” like Bush, smiles like Bush and drops the ‘g’ at the end of words – lovin’, spendin’ – just like Bush.

Some Republicans say the physical and verbal similarities are more of a problem than the fact that Perry was Bush’s lieutenant governor.

“There will be a sizable portion of the primary electorate that will be hesitant to vote for ‘another George W. Bush,’ whether that’s fair or not to hang on Gov. Perry,” said an operative assisting another candidate in the GOP field.

Other aides working for potential Perry opponents go so far as to say the likeness basically disqualifies Perry – or at least will prevent him from winning.

Perry’s team disagrees, dismissing such comparisons as “inside baseball” that has no real effect on Perry’s chances.

Really? Because every time I see or hear the guy, all I can think of is “now watch this drive…”

Now, judge for yourself. Watch Rick Perry speaking:

And watch George W. Bush (ignore the title of the video, just watch the content. It was the closest example I could find in short order):

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6 Responses to Finally it can be said: Rick Perry sounds and acts just like George W. Bush

  1. Alli says:

    Won’t be inside baseball stuff once comedians have at it.

  2. Flo says:

    Love the photo; I”m glad Perry and Bush are finally taking reading class.

  3. Rupert says:

    Either Perry or that kid is running for president; they have the statue of liberty looming behind them, just like Reagan and Huntsman.

  4. Dan Becker says:

    Yes, he is Bush II, however he is also an evangical minster. Listen to his cadence and watch his gestures.

  5. wow says:

    Rick Perry wuld make h fer ah fine n’ upstandin’ Presidunce.
    I’d gladly vote for him, what harm culd he actually do? bwahahahaha.

  6. Steve says:

    It’s “The Pet Goat,” not “My Pet Goat.”

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