Florida follies: Rick Scott’s in-your-face budget signing, cooked polls & angry cops

Cartoon from the Miami Herald's Jim Morin.

Shorter Rick Scott at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, where he showed up unannounced to tout the bill he signed that overhauls the state’s water and Everglades management (most environmentalists say, for the worse): “Hi, I’m the governor, and I’m here to cut your job.”

From the in-box:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Representative Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) issued the following statement regarding Governor Rick Scott’s visit today to Palm Beach County for a ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 2142, a budget-conforming bill that drastically cuts funding for the protection of Florida’s water resources.

“I think Governor Rick Scott displayed a serious lack of leadership and behaved insensitively today by showing up with little notice at the headquarters of the South Florida Water Management District to promote legislation signed a month ago that destroys jobs and puts families out of work. Can you imagine the governor showing up to celebrate your unemployment?

“We can agree to disagree on the merits of the bill the governor signed. But to come to Palm Beach County and rub salt in the wounds of people who will soon go home to their families unemployed is insulting and unnecessarily cruel. A governor should care about EVERY Floridian who loses a job.”

But hey, at least he’ll save you $16 on your water bill!

Meanwhile, guess who’s joining in with the state teachers union to sue Scott over a pay reduction plan that reduces state workers’ benefits and salaries? The normally Republican-leaning state Police Benevolent Association. Uh-oh.

And Scott’s unpopularity is now firmly established, so much so that he’s shedding and shuffling staff, and floating wild proposals like swiping the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (much as he swiped Virginia’s education secretary when no one else seemed to want the job, perhaps, and then informed the State Board of Education that that’s who “they” would be selecting to run education policy in Florida? Ahem…)

But Republicans have found a way to fight back. When you don’t like the polls, get your own polls. The GOP pollster who has boosted Scott’s approval ratings into the forties also has “research” available for your perusal that shows Florida voters overwhelmingly favor voter disenfranchisement, and desperately want to end funding for Planned Parenthood. Good to know.

Mitt Romney commits to two Florida debates.

A video hits the web linking Miami Dade mayoral candidate Julio Robaina to the hated Marlins stadium deal, but nobody seems clear on who made it:

And it’s uh-oh time for Alcee Hastings, as he’s hit with a sexual harassment allegation. Lucky for him he’s not hogging the teevee time every other night on cable, or the Dems might chase him out like they did Weiner. Tick-tock…

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3 Responses to Florida follies: Rick Scott’s in-your-face budget signing, cooked polls & angry cops

  1. Precious says:

    Rick Scott LOVES to throw his weight around. That is just what he did when he showed up unannounced to a water bill signing. (But you gotta wonder did no one there really know he was gonna show up?} O~:)

  2. Scott is an unmitigated disaster in every sense. Although I’m certain he’ll get booted out of office in 3-1/2 (long!) years, it will take us decades to recover from the damage he’ll inflict between now and then. Thanks, teatards.

  3. Precious says:

    Perhaps when the republicans no longer have control of the Florida Senate the Florida Constitution could be ammended so that bad governors like scott can be recalled!

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