Florida remainders: Scott losing cops, Dems gaming 2014, West intern fired for gay-friendly tweet **UPDATED**

If you’re working for Rep. Allen West, be careful what you retweet.

No, this is not a rehash of the Anthony Weiner saga. This one’s about (shhh) the gays. From the Broward New Times by way of Roll Call, it seems that while the interns were in charge of the Twitters, one male ‘tern retweeted a message from the gay-friendly band Scissor Sisters that went after comedian Tracy Morgan for his anti-gay comedy rant. The offending tweet, which has now gotten the intern booted from Team West:

Intern: you’re fired. (UPDATE: one of West’s Democratic opponents, Patrick Murphy, has issued this statement: “Allen West has a history of opposing gay rights and even recently compared asking the military to allow gays and lesbians to serve to being tolerant of terrorists. Regardless of whether his intern acted appropriately, Allen West should repudiate Tracy Morgan’s horrible advocacy of violence against gays. Firing the intern for retweeting a pro-gay/Anti-Morgan message, in light of West’s past intolerant comments and positions, even further highlights his clear bigotry towards the LGBT community.”)

Republicans might have thought going after public employees would be a good way to boost their tea party credibility nationwide. I mean, teachers are all Democrats, right? Well, no. And neither are police officers and firefighters.

So this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise:

Next month the Broward County Police Benevolent Association is holding a “Party to Leave the Party” — an event coordinated with the Supervisor of Elections where police officers and the general public can switch their voter registrations from Republican to Democratic or Independent.

The reason for the switch? The association, which serves as the bargaining union for the county’s law enforcement officers, is unhappy with the leadership of Governor Rick Scott and the results of the past legislative session, including changes to the Florida Retirement System that will require the workers to pay more of their own wages into retirement savings.

The PBA may be a union, but it’s not traditionally a bunch of liberals. “You’d be surprised,” says Broward PBA President Patrick Hanrihan. “I think most of our police officers and stuff are Republicans.” Well, until the party-switching party, that is.

“We’ve been supporting Republican governors for the past 20 years,” Hanrihan continued.

The last straw, apparently, on top of Scott and the Republicans’ budget cutting by laying off more than 9,000 state workers, was a bill that would have prevented union members from having their dues automatically deducted from their state paychecks, and would have prevented the unions representing them from using the dues for political activity without getting permission from every union member, which would effectively have neutered Florida’s public employee unions.

For his part, the Dark Lord of Tallahassee tries to downplay his unpopularity, and overplay the power of his Canadian vacation.

Meanwhile, Rick Scott’s unpopularity is having an almost ether-like effect on Democrats, who are giddily speculating about who could beat Voldemort in 2014 (short answer: a ham sandwich…?) And the choices are ranging from current party chairman Rod Smith (who pointedly refused to rule out a run when I interviewed him in April), failed 2010 candidate Alex Sink (oh god… I don’t think I feel very well…) or former Gov. Charlie Crist, who can’t be having fun ambulance chasing, rather than bouncing around the state as Florida’s most lovable and muppetational chief exec. Top Dems like Steve Schale are even speculating that Charlie Sunshine could run as a Democrat. Hm… That either means Charlie Crist is still quite popular with Obama Democrats (hell, I miss the guy), or Florida Democrats have absolutely no bench. Not sure which.

Did you hear the one about the tea party that can’t afford to pay the city of Boca Raton the $6 grand they owe? What is that about?

Meanwhile, the tea party may be broke, but parts of it are still fighting to shape the Florida Supreme Court to their liking.

And someone’s not happy with the state Republican leadership.

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2 Responses to Florida remainders: Scott losing cops, Dems gaming 2014, West intern fired for gay-friendly tweet **UPDATED**

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  2. Mr. Magoo says:

    Well, now that the useless PBA has been replaced by the Teamsters in the prisons, they will finally have some REAL representation. maybe all the public employee wanna be republicans will vote in THEIR interest this time.

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