NEW Video: witness to Miami Beach police shooting confronted by police

This was just sent to me via Twitter. It was taken by someone nicknamed Collins335 on Youtube. It shows video from the point of view of a man who apparently witnessed the deadline “urban beach week” shooting of a man in South Beach by police. Watch as at the end of the video, police approach the spectator with guns drawn:

It’s not clear if this is the video referred to by the Miami Herald in a story this weekend. You can read that story here. You can hear audio of a woman on the video, who was in the car with the witness.

Meanwhile, the Herald reports that the man who held a Miami Beach rally calling for an end to urban beach week says he has lost his job as a result of his creation of an “End Urban Beach Week” Facebook page. The shooting has also begun to impact the Miami Beach mayor’s race.

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6 Responses to NEW Video: witness to Miami Beach police shooting confronted by police

  1. malagodi says:

    yep, this should do a world of good for the tourist trade.

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  5. Good work MIAMI !!!!!!!!!!! I”ll never come to miami,Toooooo many serial killers ,police corruption,witness intimidation, bad everything!I think I’ll just look at this place on the map of bad police work.I’m going to the beach in MEXICO( safer).

    HATE TO BE THE COPS IN THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Stiles says:

    They shouldn’t have used that much force on the guy they shot. They were just trigger happy cops who didn’t know when to quit. They should be charged with using excessive force and man slaughter. Or fired from being in any sort of law enforcement job where they have to carry or handle a weapon. The cops that pointed their guns at the couple should lose their jobs also. They had no right to take their phone, especially at gunpoint. They could have told them to just leave. The cops in this video should all be fired and never to be hired at any job where weapons are used. Next time Florida train your officers a little better and if their stressed let them take before they start their job.

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