Remainders: SCOTUS sides with Wal-Mart, FL tea party warns on vouchercare, ‘two brothels’ Vitter in hot seat

Poster from the movie Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority sides with a mega-corporation over a bunch of underpaid women? Say it isn’t so…

The 5-4 decision shot down a huge class action lawsuit by female employees of Walmart (otherwise known as Clarence and Ginny Thomas’ fave camping spot) over pay disparities. The conservative justices said the class of workers was just too large to be fair to lil’ old Walmart.

From the NY Times: a death blow to class action?

Meanwhile, the Republican Party’s New Orleans “Leadership Conference” comedy debacle is still paying news cycle dividends. The RLCer in charge of the event in New Orleans now says he regrets having comedian/Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown at the event. Brown made jokes that veered into racial territory, though the conservative audience clearly laughed at those, turning on Brown only when he turned the comedy hoses on Republicans.

Brown, meanwhile, says his jokes weren’t racist at all, and adds that as a biracial Chicagoan, he was often mistaken for then professor Barack Obama.

Now that Anthony Weiner has officially tendered his resignation (to the delight of cowardly Democrats in Congress) … the spotlight turns to David Vitter, who was a John not just to the D.C. Madam, but also to a brothel in New Orleans. At least one Christian group is calling out the Republicans for hypocrisy on Weiner vs. Vitter, and they’re calling on the Louisiana Senator to resign, just like Weiner did.

On the vouchercare front: a Florida tea party leader commits an act of “truthiness.

And Huntsman staffs up in the sunshine state, including hiring Bush-Cheney media hit man Alex Castellanos and Rick Scott’s campaign manager (which proves this guy doesn’t know a thing about Florida, or how much the people in the state despise the governor.)

Know who does get “the Scott thing?” Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile if Rick Perry runs for the GOP nod, his aides says they’re prepared to deal with the gay rumors. But are they prepared for the potential Rick Santurm backlash?

And still the top story on Politico: hiding Dubya under a bushel.

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One Response to Remainders: SCOTUS sides with Wal-Mart, FL tea party warns on vouchercare, ‘two brothels’ Vitter in hot seat

  1. bmull says:

    Is Bill Owens a “cowardly Dem” for being in an R+1 district and not wanting to deal with questions about Weiner in 2012?

    I agree with you about Vitter, though being in favor of legalized prostitution I think Weiner’s behavior was worse.

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