Rick Scott, Emperor of Florida, stimulus hypocrite, and inartful dodger

Your Emperor requires amusements! Bring them hence!

Some people purchase lordships, others quest for knighthood. Rick Scott bought himself a kingdom, known to lesser men as a “state.” And he, in his mind, is its supreme Emperor.

The Miami Herald’s scathing editorial today:

That Gov. Rick Scott had the temerity to cast the $615 million in projects he vetoed as “shortsighted, frivolous, wasteful spending” is insult enough. To have the budget-signing ceremony held at a town square “leased” by the Republican Party of Florida and then to sic sheriff’s deputies on a dozen or so people sitting quietly in the back because they were wearing “Vote Democratic” T-shirts or carrying signs that did not laud the GOP governor is an assault on democracy and free speech.

And, then, for the governor to claim at the budget-signing ceremony last Thursday in the “private” public square of?The Villages in Central Florida that “school funding is far more important” than the vetoed $615 million projects is beyond hypocritical. This is the same governor who sent a budget to the Legislature that gutted public schools by 10 percent. The GOP-led Legislature restored some of that money, and K-12 education still took a big hit, but it would have been far worse had Mr. Scott’s budget proposal passed.

“It would have been helpful if the governor had shared this newfound emphasis with us before the budget was finalized,” House Speaker Dean Cannon noted.

In fact, more than half the money for the vetoed projects were to be used to buy endangered land to protect the Everglades or to sell bonds for needed projects at Miami Dade College’s Hialeah campus and other state colleges and universities. General revenue that would be available for schools from the vetoed projects account for an increase to education funding of barely six-tenths of 1 percent, Mr. Cannon points out.

The governor’s double-talk on education came after a straight-shooting poll found that Mr. Scott’s popularity is in the muck and sinking fast. The Quinnipiac University poll showed 57 percent of Florida voters surveyed disapprove of Mr. Scott’s performance — the worst disapproval rating of a governor in the 10 states surveyed.

Is it any wonder that Mr. Scott is so unpopular in Florida? He seems to think he was crowned emperor instead of elected governor — and barely elected at that, winning less than 50 percent of the vote. That is far from a mandate.

Mr. Scott, who bankrolled his own campaign, may think he owns the state, but clearly most Floridians do not agree. They have good reason to question why the “jobs” governor would qualify as “frivolous” such vetoed items as:

• $750,000 for the well-run Farm Share program that distributes $26 million worth of fresh produce from local farms and canned or frozen food to needy residents throughout the state. Donated food and USDA commodities are packed near Homestead and in Quincy in North Florida to help feed more than 732,000 poor children and families each year — a growing need in a state with a high unemployment rate.

• $500,000 for the Dan Marino Foundation Vocational School to help people with disabilities learn a skill and get to work.

• $730,000 for nutrition centers and hot meals programs in Little Havana and Allapattah — money that would have alleviated long waiting lists for the elderly.

Money to help treat uninsured cancer patients and to research Crohn’s Disease and other illnesses was slashed, too.

Meanwhile, the governor’s office insisted after The Villages event that his staff had nothing to do with booting out people who broke no law by simply carrying a sign without a peep. Yet deputies received their orders from Russ Abrams, an assistant to the governor. The “emperor” has been exposed.

We already knew Scott was a shady character. His reputation preceded him.

But this governor’s avoidance of open records laws, his melding of party and state events, his secrecy and that of his staff (his press office has yet to respond to my requests for answers regarding that “private” bill signing last week); and even his rank hypocrisy in accepting more than $370 million in wicked, wicked stimulus funds after slamming the stimulus as damned near evil; it’s all part of a pattern of behavior that’s more Henry VIII than Florida governor.

And regarding the removal of unsupportive persons from “his” bill signing, Scott’s new version of “I was the CEO of Solantic but didn’t know any Medicare fraud was going on” is “that happened before I got there.”

Meanwhile, the Emperor signed a slew of bills this morning (on his way out the door to a “trade mission” in Canada), from the saggy pants law to a dubious Medicaid overhaul to clearly unconstitutional bills limiting doctors’ free speech (cue the lawsuit) and attempting to bigfoot the federal healthcare reform law. More on that here.

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3 Responses to Rick Scott, Emperor of Florida, stimulus hypocrite, and inartful dodger

  1. Precious says:

    There is a picture of Rick Scott that you published in this website yesterday, it is called Rick Scott-grimace ,,, In that picture Rick Scott reminds me of a very angry little boy who is probably anally constricted, who was probably forced to sit in the potty before he was ready to do so and as part of his anger (shown in that grown up grimace) he would hold on to feces for so long and not pass them that when they did come out he had to grimace. However, that was his richness.
    That he could control his feces for as long as he could. The way I see it Scott must live in a black and white world with no colors or hue differentiations in between. He, as a child project dweller which I believe I read he was, must have been very culturally deprived and has no link to the benefits of arts or the humanities. He has vetoed funding for public television along with everything else that he has vetoed. Too bad he cannot collect in feces. He would feel savagely rich in a feces filled throne.
    The problem is he is smearing all his collected feces on all of the rest of us.

  2. Ernest Wohlbold says:

    Got the wrong king, should be Ludwig.

  3. Scott fan says:

    umm you guys are so far to the left you must spin in circles half the day. I assume you “progressives” understood that “Stimulus money came with strings” right? You do KNOW That right? Those strings included expanding wasteful social programs that would have had your children paying into Perpetuity with little or no oversight or reduction in bloat. You know that right? Recently Gov. Jindal confronted our poor excuse for a President and HE BLINKED, backing down on the wasteful strings mandated to States who accepted Stimulus Monies, YOU KNOW that Right? Govenor Scott can play the game, just need to know what the rules are, now that “Obama has folded on the requirements? Take the Money and ease the Pain to the States”. Only three Govenors had the foresight and business sense to watch Obama crash and burn, “check mate” Go Scott!!!!!

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