This exists: white/Finnish filmmakers’ anti-abortion blaxploitation film

Cover art from the 'Gates of Hell' movie website

What do you get when you combine anti-abortion zealotry with a really poor, underdeveloped racial sensibility? You get anti-abortion filmmaking, “blaxploitation” style.

Maybe film producer Molotov Mitchell fancies himself a right wing Quentin Tarantino; able to exploit black 1970s stereotypes for fun and profit. Well, if that was the idea behind “Gates of Hell,” he and his Finnish director have seriously missed the mark.

This one was discovered by the folks at TPM, who discovered the film being promoted by the oddities at WorldNutDaily:

A new anti-abortion movie called “Gates Of Hell” envisions a world where the government outlaws abortion because a group of black terrorists begins murdering abortion doctors.

Molotov Mitchell, a contributor for World Net Daily who produced the film, said in a promotion that “this film could do more damage to the abortion industry than anything we’ve seen. ‘Gates of Hell’ raises questions about Planned Parenthood’s racist history in a way that’s never been done before.”

“But best of all, it casts a vision of what a post-abortion America could look like,” he said.

Mitchell, who is white, has made a number of anti-abortion movies in the past through his production company “Illuminati Pictures.” On the official site, “Gates Of Hell” is given the tagline: “Black Power. Abortion. Terrorism. ‘Plausible Fiction.’”

You really can’t understand the full gravity of Mitchell’s work without checking a few stills from the movie, which features a gang of black terrorists, called the … wait for it … the “Zulu 9″ … no, seriously, they’re called the “Zulu 9″, marauding through 2016 America killing white abortion doctors. And yes, the doctors are all white.

One of the "Zulu 9" terrorists from "Gates of Hell"

The movie invokes a kind of Mau-Mau terror campaign against white “genocidal” abortion doctors, all in the name of “black power.” It could be a SNL joke if this guy weren’t dead serious. Here’s the full movie description from the film’s MegaSuperGood profile (a site where filmmakers can raise money from the public to finish their films):

Gates of Hell
Project By

Black power. Abortion. Terrorism. “Prophetic fiction”. Three years in the making, “Gates of Hell” is a documentary from the year 2016 that chronicles the crimes of a band of domestic terrorists known as the Zulu 9. Finnish filmmaker Ani Juva travels to the United States to better understand the mysterious black power assassins, the bizarre eugenics conspiracy theory that drove them to commit extreme acts of violence and how America’s political landscape was transformed forever. Blending real history and real public figures with a fictitious (yet plausible) future, it is safe to say that you have never seen a film like “Gates of Hell”.

I’m assuming Juva, who is also the film’s director — and who clearly gleaned her understanding of black people by watching 70s blaxploitation flicks, is also in the film, which is made as a mock documentary. The underlying point seems to be to blend fear of out of control, savage black men, with a race-based, anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-abortion message. But with images like the ones below, you’ve got to wonder who the intended audience for the film could possibly be.

Mitchell has even thought through the marketing, with a full campaign, contests, and yes, action figures and mock-ups of the Zulu 9′s weapons for sale:

You can purchase mock "Zulu 9" weapons from the movie!

One of the "Gates of Hell" action figures. Jesus, take the wheel...

Here’s the trailer for the film (which also has this spiffy website), plus Mitchell’s interview with the director. Watch… and cringe:

MSG Spot GOH trailer from Illuminati Pictures on Vimeo.

… and then ask yourself: WTF???

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3 Responses to This exists: white/Finnish filmmakers’ anti-abortion blaxploitation film

  1. Kara Owens says:

    Thank you so much for this post. All I could come up with was “I don’t know where to start with this garbage” — and quickly abandoned any hope of making sense from it. And now, off to find some eyeball disinfectant…

  2. hilda banks says:

    Kara, you are so right on. How come there are now more minority babies being born than white babies. People, don’t forget that black people hate abortion just as much as white people. I certainly hope that Roe v Wade is never overturned because that would be an abomination. If you are pro-life, fine, but do not take away my right if I want to have an abortion. The legal process is there for people who can’t find another avenue for their predicament. I don’t believe in putting a child up for adoption, no matter if it is to help other couples realize their dream of parenthood. Why would I carry a child for nine months and then give it away, to me, that’s ludicrous.

  3. Kara Owens says:

    Hilda, I eventually was able to blog about this film & its release at my own blog — Reading Ms. Reid’s post helped to … unclog my own thoughts. My focus is that the true problem with _Gates of Hell_ is the twist it is applying on our society’s (lack of) competency when it comes to having meaningful discussions on the issue of race. Mitchell’s true concern is abortion and he’s anti-choice — but he exploits the discourse on race by pawning off his own offensive, stereotype-laden version of “black power” to try to build some case against abortion. In the end, the importance of reproductive rights and improving race relationships both suffer and are diminished, just because this douchebag wants to play Francis Ford Coppola to his anti-choice thuggery.

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