This week’s Herald column: the ‘Miami Vice’ election (with bonus video!)

Flashback to the 1980s: "Miami Vice" characters, Metro Dade undercover police detectives Sonny Crocket (right) his partner Ricardo Tubbs (left) and Lt. Castillo (center)


The race to replace ousted Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez is on and cheesy.

This week’s column isn’t pretty, but then again, neither is the election:

The once dull Miami-Dade mayor’s race between former Commissioner Carlos Gimenez and former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina has become so grimy, it’s almost like watching an old episode of Miami Vice.

Accusations of payoffs and illegal deals are flying.

Phrases like “Ponzi scheme,” “shadow banking” and “federal investigation” are regular topics.

All that’s missing is Sonny Crockett and his partner/sidekick Tubbs wearing linen suits with T-shirts and loafers with no socks, plus a gang of politician-corrupting drug cartels.

Wait .?.?. maybe I shouldn’t give the bad guys (or the fashionistas) any ideas.

If Gimenez wins, the county will have its grim, austere, Lt. Castillo.

If Robaina wins, Miami-Dade voters — the fraction who bother to participate — will have traded an ex-cop mayor for one being investigated by federal authorities for his private business deals.

Perhaps realizing his sketchy back story is turning off many non-Hispanic white and Cuban-American voters, Robaina has been scouring the black community for every preacher and pol he can get to take a picture with him. The outreach to what has become the swing vote in Tuesday’s election was great at first. Black communities often get ignored in Cuban-centric county politics. But Robaina’s mad church dash is becoming almost unseemly.

The spectacle of almost universally Democratic black leaders posing for cheesy photo ops and recording radio spots for a guy who supported Rick “the drug tester without cause” Scott in 2010, and who has the Jeb Bush stamp of approval, has been just plain bizarre.

Sure, the race is nonpartisan, but who these mayoral contenders supported for governor says something about their ideological leanings, not to mention their taste level. Gimenez is a Republican, too, but at least he voted for Alex Sink. …

Read the rest here.

Meanwhile, as I scrolled down to the comments section, I had to ask myself, who is “Bendito Martinez” and how does Bendito know where I live, or don’t live, and so gosh darned much about the “AA” community? Hm… I think I feel a blind item coming on.

OK, it’s bonus video time! Shake it, Bendito!

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One Response to This week’s Herald column: the ‘Miami Vice’ election (with bonus video!)

  1. Oscar B says:

    does anyone really believe gimenez voted for alex sink? there are pictures of him sucking up to rick scott at a GOP fundraiser. how gullible can you be? or, how biased against robaina can you be?

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