(Video) Andrew Breitbart laughs as he shares Anthony Weiner pic with shock jocks

Andrew Breitbart has been making the cable rounds playing the victim (again) this time of a “violation of trust” by shock jocks Opie and Anthony. Weiner has made them take the fall for sharing an explicit picture Breitbart says his “source” claims is Weiner’s privates. But in the video below, you can see Breitbart having a fine time passing around the pic, which he curiously saved to his cellphone. Watch (h/t LGF):

And you know what’s really disturbing?

Listening to Breitbart carefully analyzing Weiner’s penile cinematography, and how he could have made his member look so … large, and manscaped. I’m asking. Do straight guys do that?

Back to the point. Breitbart has been whining that Opie and Anthony “assured” him that “there were no cameras” in the studio. Well what was that, staring at the crew while they passed the naughty cellie around?

And in case you missed it, LGF’s Charles Johnson dismantles Breitbart’s defense, with the help of one of the shock jocks themselves, here.

BTW, you know who uploaded that Youtube video exposing Breitbart as a liar, and a juvenile fool who enjoys snickering about, and sharing cellphone pics of, other people’s penises? None other than Opie. Of Opie and Anthony.

Fancy that.

Meanwhile, the papers have been rolling out their stories on Meagan Broussard, the Texas single mom who seems to have sold the full stock of photos and text messages she received from Congressman Weiner, after consulting with a Republican “friend” about what to do with them. The friend suggested Drudge or Breitbart. And this from the NY Times is a gem: having sold? given away? handed over? photos humiliating to the Congressman, Ms. Broussard worried that the same thing could happen to her:

“I mean he did have photos of me, not risqué photos, nothing, you know, rated R, but still, anybody can get those photos, leak them and that’s my life and my personal life. So I’m going to go ahead and take charge of that,” she said. “There’s PG-13 ones, but nothing that I would ever be embarrassed about. But do I want it splashed all over? No. But it probably will.”

The Times also has up a piece about the shadowy group who had been “monitoring” Weiner’s Twitter feed. The Smoking Gun has more, as does Daily Kos.


  • Andrew Breitbart is not a journalist. But he does keep dirty pictures in his cellphone **UPDATE: and he’s a liar
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