(Video) Joy Reid and Princella Smith debate Jon Huntsman

Does Huntsman have a shot? Princella and I debated that question on MSNBC Monday:

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And in case you missed it…

Jon Huntsman: five potential roadblocks to the GOP nomination

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2 Responses to (Video) Joy Reid and Princella Smith debate Jon Huntsman

  1. Allan says:

    My, that Princella is rude. Making her comments about Joy instead of addressing the facts Joy raised. Must be a projection of all the self-hatred she feels for advocating for racists and fascists.

  2. rikyrah says:

    I wish Joy could be on everyday. she’s always on point, and never backs down. she is a ‘joy’ (pun not intended). we need consistent voices on the tv, speaking truth to GOP LIES.

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