Florida follies: Rick Scott’s default fail, A.G. fires attorneys who went after bad banks, second coming of Crist?

Hey Rick Scott: I'll bet Lord Voldemort knows what "government shutdown" means...

Rick Scott, the deeply unpopular Florida governor, takes a “what, me worry?” approach to the debt ceiling crisis in Washington …

From Beach Peanuts:

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Rick Scott was asked Thursday about his thoughts on a potential government shutdown due to the debt ceiling negotiations in Washington.

To anyone who is paying attention, his response might be a little unsettling. Not too surprising considering the source, but unsettling nonetheless…

And the money quote?

On a potential federal government shutdown, Scott said he didn’t anticipate any halt in the flow of federal money to Florida. Generally speaking, he said, the federal government needs to live within its means and stop borrowing money.

Um… Beach Peanuts? Back to you:

I realize Scott doesn’t read the papers, but seriously? He doesn’t anticipate any halt in the flow of money to Florida?

Perhaps Scott can figure out how this stuff actually works when he comes back from his non-Florida vacation.

Meanwhile, Florida’s attorney general Pam Bondi (nee of Fox News) has made some interesting personnel decisions:

Florida is one of the states hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis.  Entire developments sit abandoned and stories of fraud bubble up on a near daily basis.  So you would think that the states Attorney General’s office would be among those leading the investigations into illegal lending and processing practices that fueled the housing bubble then preyed on its victims.

You’d be wrong.

According to former Assistant Attorney General Theresa Edwards, she was fired from the office for pursuing banks too aggressively.  In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Edwards claims that she and colleague June Clarkson were in the middle of investigating the state’s foreclosure mills when she they were fired.

At the time they were let go Edwards and Clarkson were collecting evidence of legal malpractice and fraud engaged in by banks and loan servicers.

The investigations had originated under Attorney General Bill McCollum.  But once Rick Scott and now-Attorney General Pam Bondi were elected, the focus and the spirit of the Attorney General’s Office shifted.

Read on

Here comes an uh-oh for U.S. Senate wannabe Mike Haridopolos. And another.  Cue the Haridopocalypse.

And FSU rethinks making deals like the one they did with the Koch brothers.

Speaking of education, while Florida is slashing funds for public schools, the big winner: charters.

Meanwhile, Florida Democrats are looking to kill a GOP-backed Medicaid overhaul that would force recipients into managed care.

And … could Charlie Crist make a comeback? Even the wingers at Sunshine State News might have to concede that the answer is yes. Peep the Peter Schorsch quotes in the SSN story.

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