Florida round-up: RPOF spent $33K with gov’s daughter’s firm, Grayson returns, keeping up with the Kochs

Guess who's back?

Now that Alan Grayson is running for Congress again, what else is happening in the Sunshine State?

It’s not bad enough that the RPOF, which is infamous for spending weirdness, particularly under its now indicted former boss, spent nearly $150,000 on silly robocalls attempting to buck up the nation’s most unpopular governor. Peter Schorsch also uncovers another dubious expenditure - one that went to a company that employs Rick Scott’s kid.

Also from SPB, brace yourself for another skewed Sunshine State News poll:

Let’s just go ahead and start taking bets on how skewed in favor of Rick Scott this poll will be.  After all, Public Policy Polling has Scott with a 29% approval rating, yet Republican-leaning Viewpoint (or whatever) had Scott at an unbelievably high approval rate of 45%.  There is no way Sunshine State News, whose former editor is now Rick Scott’s press secretary, is going let those numbers stand.

Because if Scott’s supporters throw enough numbers out there, lazy reporters will simply average all of these polls and write something like, “A composite of recent polls indicates that Scott’s approval numbers are in the low 40s…” The reality is, if there weren’t so many cooked polls, Scott’s average or composite or whatever metric would not be skewed so as to make it appear as Scott’s not hated as much as he really is.

And speaking of bedfellows, who gave the RPOF their biggest wads of cash? The name of the game is “pay to play.”

Meanwhile, In These Times connects the dots between the Koch brothers, ALEC, and attempts to gut Florida’s public sector unions. More on that here.

Kendrick Meek to the U.N.? Apparently, yes.

Well that’s interesting: turns out Marco Rubio’s brother in law is a convicted drug trafficker. Huh. Univision is all over it.

BTW, given that Allen West just out-fundraised every Republican candidate for U.S. Senate last quarter, why not just take the crazy into the statewide race, and forget the 22nd District, where he might not survive the re-elect, even if the district survives redistricting?

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