Is Obama the last reasonable man in Washington?

My column up at today on the ongoing debt limit debacle.

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5 Responses to Is Obama the last reasonable man in Washington?

  1. Woo says:

    No, he’s a wanker.

  2. TrumpDog says:

    Yes, President Obama certainly appears to be the last reasonable person in Washington.

    I loved his last press conference. He did very well and I was so proud of him.

  3. Wendy Fleet says:

    07.24.11 Sunday
    I just emailed Ed Schultz of the Ed Show:
    Wow. Managing editor of The Grio & MSNBC contributor Joy-Ann Reid on Thursday July 21 is as great a guest commentator as you’ve ever had on. Actually informed (What a novel idea!), smart, funny, pithy. I hope you have her on a lot!

    cheers, wendy

  4. Kerry Reid says:

    I should do the same, Wendy — except I don’t trust myself to add “In fact, why don’t you step down and let her have the show to herself from now on?”

  5. One man against the old boy network of capitalism. I hope they double his security up to the election next year.

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