UPDATE (and video): Phone hacking scandal: Murdoch’s empire coming undone?

Rupert Murdoch in the hot seat as the phone hacking scandal widens.

For Rupert Murdoch, things are only getting worse.

PBS has updates from the landmark testimony of Rupert Murdoch and his son before Britain’s parliament, including a pie incident that drew in the elder Murdoch’s wife:

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating allegations that the phone hacking scandal included attempts to bribe a New York City police officer to obtain access to 9/11 victims’ private information.

And here’s an analysis of the scandal ultimately affects the U.S. operations of News Corp.


The head of Scotland Yard has quit, and Prime Minister David Cameron has been sucked into the vortex, reports the New York Times:

LONDON — Sir Paul Stephenson, the outgoing head of Scotland Yard, appeared before a panel of lawmakers on Tuesday as the phone hacking scandal involving the police, politicians and the media elite broadened and some of the most powerful people in British public life, including the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, faced questioning.

Sir Paul, who resigned on Sunday, appeared in the uniform of the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, commonly known as the Met or Scotland Yard, and quoted from Shakespeare to explain that once he had decided to tender his resignation, “It were best it were done quickly.”

The decision to quit was “my decision and my decision only,” he said.

The officer was expected to answer questions about his relationships with a former Murdoch news executive, Neil Wallis. Later in the day, Mr. Murdoch, his son James and Rebekah Brooks, the former head of the Murdoch newspaper properties in Britain, were to testify before another panel.

The hacking scandal has mushroomed into Prime Minister David Cameron’s worst crisis since his election last year. He cut short an African trade tour to return home, bracing for a showdown before the summer recess with the opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband at an emergency session of the full Parliament on Wednesday.

And Cameron’s opponents smell blood.

Murdoch and his son are set to testify before Parliament today, which should provide intriguing viewing.

This as the Times also reports that aides to Murdoch spent years covering up the scandal:

On an even darker note, a whistleblower in the hacking scandal was found dead.

Jude Law is claiming he was hackedin New York.

What say you now, Rudy Giuliani?

And is Rupert Murdoch about to step down?

All the juicy details from the Guardian.

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One Response to UPDATE (and video): Phone hacking scandal: Murdoch’s empire coming undone?

  1. TrumpDog says:

    Much as I hope it would be so, I don’t think this will be Murdoch’s undoing.

    I do think his organization’s credibility has taken a big hit. How big remains to be seen.

    Guess we’ll see.

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