Open thread: what should Obama and the Democrats do now?

The tea party isn’t budging, and John Boehner can’t control them in the House. The Reid bill doesn’t raise revenues, and we’re staring at an August 2nd deadline, which, by the way, is in a week. If you could advise the president and House and Senate Democrats, what would you have them do? Have at it. Oh, and by the way…

… if your advice is “fight!” … you’re definitely on the wrong blog. Back to FDL you go.

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31 Responses to Open thread: what should Obama and the Democrats do now?

  1. Morneque Moore-Ramos says:

    Let both Senate and House Bills come to both chambers for a vote. Once defeated, pass a 1sentence debt ceiling increase which is what has been done dozens of times before. I would also add language to repeal the debt ceiling law in one swoop. We shouldn’t be playing this game. The debt ceiling legislation itself is unconstitutional and a threat to our National Security!

  2. Rupert says:

    Hate to say it, but I think Mitch McConnell is the key now; he showed weeks ago that he’s not about to let a default happen; so once the Boehner bill falls flat, McConnell will let some version of the Reid bill go forward, and Pelosi will deliver Democrats to get it through the House. I’m sure the WH is supporting this scenario today. It could all change by this afternoon.

  3. Woo says:

    “if your advice is “fight!” … you’re definitely on the wrong blog.”

    Ain’t it the truth. If I were the resident I never have been in this position, as I wouldn’t have used the debt increase to cut people’s Social Security and Medicare. At this point, all Obama can hope for is what McConnell offered earlier.


  4. Woo says:

    Oh. Lmao!

    I believe this non fighting blog described McConnell’s plan when it came out as “Republican’s blinked”?

  5. Do as has been done during previous administrations​; submit that one page document that just changing the number. Stand on the 14th Amendment. Let the powers against this President do what they're going to do. This is hate. It was established from day one that since they were unable to derail his candidacy for President, and was duly elected, they would work to either impeach, and/or destroy his legacy, if not him as a person. And certainly a second term is out of the question for these that hate. You can probably see them sifting through his trash cans, creating scandal set-ups and frame-ups, trying to get into his e-mail, and of course one of their favorites, going after Michelle and I believe they will even go after their children. This is just hate my sister. I won't even speak to the other under-pinnings of their motivations against this president. The code words and phrases used these days are cloaked in various ways. It's sad and unGodly, but unfortunately what has been vey much something we have been and in many ways continue to be as a country. Sad and shameful…

  6. Tragic Consequences says:

    We are doomed. Best advice is to stockpile food, weapons and gold. Oh, and convert all your stocks, bonds, and money market accounts to something that has a value now.

  7. Flo says:

    Get the veto pen handy, just in case Boehner’s bill gets to the WH.

  8. says:

    Just a note, Jesse Lee Walker Williams, there are many reasons to be laughably dissatisfied with the Current Occupant that don’t involve his race. I know it’s convenient to think that’s the reason, but for most people it isn’t.

  9. Woo says:

    Hammonds, sorry.

  10. Woo says:

    Lol, Flo. He won’t veto jack. He’s desperate for a deal, he was all along. That’s why he got played.

  11. Flo says:

    Woo, you’ve put up 5 stupid childish posts and have yet to answer the question:

    ” If you could advise the president and House and Senate Democrats, what would you have them do? “

  12. Woo says:


  13. bmull says:

    Let the GOP impeach. It’s electoral gold for Dems.

  14. Flo says:

    If the White House were to endorse the Boehner bill, the Republicans would quickly defeat it.

  15. Woo says:

    So what, Flo. Nobody suggested that.

  16. Woo says:

    Obama and Boner worked out Boner’s bill over golf, anybody remember?

    Obama says: “Okay John, I want to cut Social Security and Medicare, like you guys want, but you have to let me raise $1.00 in taxes. Sound good?”

    Boner: “We’ll see, Barack.”

  17. Rupert says:

    Flo has a point; whatever Obama supports, the Republicans automatically oppose. Since neither the Boehner or Reid bill cuts SS or Medicare, I don’t know what the troll is talking about.

  18. Iris Boyd says:

    14th Amendment. Then dare them to try to impeach him. The last time I looked at the polls, Americans are behind him.

  19. Woo says:

    Hi Rupert, heard of the “Super Congress” Catfood Commission II In BOTH bills that creates a committee of 12 to cut Social Security and Medicare, while letting Congress off the hook of voting for it?

    You should have. You need to be better at this.

  20. Rupert says:

    I heard of it. And you’re distorting it.

  21. Woo says:

    How so?

  22. JReid says:

    Great comments and ideas, all — except “Woo,” who’s clearly just a miserable FDL troll. I’d say “glad to have you on the sight,” but that would be insincere. Besides, you’re probably Jane Hamsher. And for that, I actually pity you.

  23. Woo says:

    Oh. I just peed a little. But then again, I’m not Jane.

    : )

  24. Amen to all that, Jesse! IMO, Mitch McConnell and his cronies hate Obama and want to destroy his policies and legacy (and are willing to tank the country in order to do so), not only because he is Democratic, but also because he is the country's first black POTUS. Obama should invoke the 14th amendment…the​n he (and we) wouldn't have to deal with all the riders and cuts the rethugs and righTeas are so desperate to pass. VERY sad and shameful!

  25. Woo says:

    “Obama should invoke the 14th amendment…the?n he (and we) wouldn’t have to deal with all the riders and cuts the rethugs and righTeas are so desperate to pass. VERY sad and shameful!”

    He wouldn’t be able to cut benefits in that case, which is why all this is happening. Obama is using the debt limit increase to cut people’s Social Security and Medicare.

    Sad and Shameful is right.

  26. Flo says:

    Sad and Shameful is Woo.

  27. JReid says:

    I usually try not to be this mean, but “Woo” is literally the dumbest person who comments on this site. I usually ignore him/her. If you respond, it’s like feeding a stray cat. They never go away.

  28. Flo says:

    I ignored it (woo) for 24 hours and then slipped up a minute ago. Don’t know if Woo is dumb or not, but definitely obnoxious.

    • jreid says:

      I suspect it’s a Republican troll. He or she spends an awful lot of time on this site, responding (ignorantly) to every single post. I’m about done with whoever it is. They add nothing to the discussion.

  29. Flo says:

    I thought FDL troll; but it’s hard to tell the difference anymore.

    • jreid says:

      Could be that too. Actually probably more likely. Either way, they are clearly trolling with no other purpose.

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