Smiley and West strike again: ‘I love mascots, I love puppets’

The dynamic duo of emo progressivism take the airwaves at CNN, telling Piers Morgan and re-open their Barack Obama dis-fest. Watch:

Full story at RawStory.

West will get his chance to reprise his debate with Rev. Al Sharpton at the National Association of Black Journalists conference next month, when the two will debate again.

The backstory: West is part of an organization that is planning to mount a primary challenge against the president, with the goal of then converting that primary challenger to a third party. Toward the end of the interview, after Morgan asked the two which of the Republicans they would vote for if they had to make a choice, West nearly let the game slip, saying “that’s why we’re seriously looking at…” and then he trailed off, or was cut off.

Tom Joyner (circa the Mark Halperin “d–k” dustup)… Your witness.

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6 Responses to Smiley and West strike again: ‘I love mascots, I love puppets’

  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t know. I am disappointed by what Obama has done. The heathcare is a watered downed corporate version of what we voted him in for. He seems to “give up” on getting rid of the Bush tax cuts. He doesn’t seem to care about the middle class, which I am a part of. The poor, fogedabodit. The last time he gave in on the Bush tax cuts, that very day I applied for unemployment because I figured I might as well get my taxes back while I can. We are all scrambling to pay our bills and these guys are doing nothing to give us jobs. Obama is not proving to be the guy the dating service claimed he would be.

    On the other hand, to move in a third party candidate would assure a Republican victory. Don’t forget the “Ralph Nader” effect. Is that what we really want? Do these guys want to slit our throats just to make a point? Okay guys, we get it. Obama is not what we voted for; but, do you want to risk electing any one of these right-winged assholes? Do you think any one of them care about the lower OR middle class. We, lower and middle, are a very large group. We need to stand together or be destroyed by the right-wing teabagger nutcases (and their corporate sponsors)! I really respect West, but if he pulls Al Sharpton out of his bags of tricks, he is off my Christmas card list!

  2. MsKitty says:

    Every time I see these two running their mouths, I can’t help but think of this little ditty.

  3. elisabeth says:


    That same extension of the Bush tax cuts that extended unemployment benefits?

  4. TrumpDog says:

    “Obama is not proving to be the guy the dating service claimed he would be.”


  5. nellcote says:

    So Hamsher and the firebaggers are bus touring to “educate the Afro-Americans”. Seems Corney and Travis are getting their own tour to “educate the Afro-Americans”. Will they caravan together? NABJ should be quite the dustup with Cenk dissing Rev. Al, causing the fetid Daily Caller to scream the headline “Obama’s Reverend?” (wink, wink). Will CNN cover the debate?

  6. hilda banks says:

    I think Al is doing a great job. Cenk was becoming almost impossible to watch with his incessant Obama bashing. My God, they would never do Clinton, Bush or Reagan this way and who comprised anymore than Bill Clinton. Remember welfare reform, DADT. I didn’t here one complaint from liberals/progressives about this. It’s just so easy to diss the black man, even though he has more on his plate than any President ever. People think he is super human, something he never claimed to be but white folks voted for him just to make themselves feel good and then when he didn’t get everything done in the first two hours of his Presidency he became something other than the person they voted for. This just makes me sick. West, with his scary hair do, and Tavis with his studder. They should both just sit the hell down. Jane Hamsher, pathetic, has never liked the President but she’s another story.

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