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**UPDATE: Waukesha strikes again: Democrats take two out of three in WI recalls

UPDATE 2: Alberta Darling pulled it out late Tuesday night, holding onto the seat Wisconsin Democrats most wanted to claim.

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Things that don’t make the news: Obama surges in Gallup horse race, GOP in the dumps

You probably didn’t hear this one on the teevee today: President Obama has surged to a strong lead against a generic Republican in the generally notoriously conservative-skewing Gallup poll.

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@TheGrio: Rick Perry, Dubyalike

If you didn’t know any better, you might conclude that Rick Perry either is George W. Bush, or that he’s doing a pretty good imitation of him (or vice versa.)

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(Video) ICYMI: Lawrence O’Donnell’s epic S&P takedown

Yes, S&P, most Americans (who aren’t giddy over what they see as a knock on President Obama) think you’re a bunch of jerks. And no one expresses why, better than Lawrence O’Donnell, who refers to the two men who run … Continue reading

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Sound off: is the Newsweek Bachmann ‘crazy eyes’ photo unfair?

  Conservatives are hopping mad over the Newsweek cover photo of Michele Bachmann. Are they right to complain?

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