Dear Jon Huntsman: gaining TPaw’s people is not good news

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman

Huntsman gains a top Pawlenty staffer in New Hampshire. But the real problem for Jon Huntsman is…

That he IS the next Tim Pawlenty: no base, no traction, no prospects. Not in a Republican Party that’s been body snatched by Ayn Rand devotees, tea partiers and members of the John Birch Society. Clearly, Huntsman is banking on New Hampshire to bring his candidacy to life, but that’s kind of like Rudy Giuliani betting big on Florida in 2004. He wound up getting 1 delegate. Huntsman may not even get that far. In fact, he’s my bet for the next GOPer to drop out.

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2 Responses to Dear Jon Huntsman: gaining TPaw’s people is not good news

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  2. Ronbo says:

    If this is the Republican alternative to Obama, more Huntsman!

    In fact, if his words are truthful (are you listening candidate Obama) he might be the candidate to the left of Obama, that I could support. President Obama has been a mere continuation of the Bush legacy.

    But then again, Candidate Bush (“not a nation-builder”), candidate Obama (“will not sign an extension of the Bush tax cuts”) and just about any corporate candidate seems to “change” once in office.

    We’d do better by selecting candidates randomly from phone books. These guys thrive on lies. Huntsman might be the liberal we’ve been seeking. (or at least more liberal than Mr. Business International Corporation, CIA, Obama). Google it if you are confused as to President Obama’s actions in office vs. candidate Obama’s campaign promises.

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