In which I appear in the same broadcast as Brian Williams

When I was growing up, my mother watched the broadcast network news every single night, bouncing back and forth between Walter Cronkite and then after junior high school, Dan Rather on CBS, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, and occasionally Peter Jennings on ABC. I would sit up with her and watch “Nightline” with Ted Koppel every weeknight, right through high school. (She was no longer around, unfortunately, for the Brian Williams era at NBC.) We were what you might call a broadcast news household. Never missed it. Of the things I’ve gotten the chance to do so far, I have to think my mother would have been the most excited about this very short clip on the NBC Nightly News.

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Probably about the only thing I could do to top that in mom-world would be to somehow get on “60 Minutes.” Well, that or go to med school…

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3 Responses to In which I appear in the same broadcast as Brian Williams

  1. That was great! Congratulations. I’m sure you’re mother would be proud. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jimintampa says:

    Congratulations – you deserve more than 15 seconds of fame.

  3. Susan says:

    Sorry, the fact that 12 million people find the time to watch the video music awards but can’t find the time to actually do something about the “bad news” (not the earthquake and hurricane, the political situation) is really disheartening. What if all of those people sat down and wrote to President Obama and their elected officials about the direction they would like to see this country move in instead of watching the video awards? what if they asked that social security and medicare not be cut? What if they asked for the Bush tax cuts to end? What if they asked for the environment to be protected? (Maybe the president would not have made the recent decision on ozone standards.) These are all things that the polls show the majority of the American people want but people are skeptical about polls. 12 million letters, emails, and phone calls might get the job done. The fact that most Americans choose to spend a substantial amount of time living vicariously through other people’s lives while sitting in front of a TV and not actually take action to change their own lives is just as much to blame for the situation the country finds itself in as is an unrealistic Republican party and our intelligent, compassionate president who doesn’t seem to know how to communicate his message louder and stronger than the unrealistic Republican party.

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