Take that, little people: Rick Scott enjoys his cheap, taxpayer subsidized healthcare

Cheap, subsidized healthcare for me, not for thee.

When it comes to getting cheap health coverage for your family, it’s good to be the governor.

From the editorial board over at the Gainesville Sun:

We do not begrudge our millionaire governor his dirt-cheap, taxpayer-subsidized health care coverage.

We just wish that the millions of Floridians who have no coverage at all — and who help pay for Gov. Rick Scott’s dirt-cheap health insurance — could get the same deal.

But they can’t because Florida politicians like Rick Scott are doing everything in their power to fight “socialized” medicine.

They are suing to keep “Obamacare” out of Florida. They are rejecting millions of federal health care dollars that could help the poor and disabled. They are cutting indigent care funding.

Scott, most members of the Florida Legislature, and top state managers can afford to do exactly that because they already have access to dirt-cheap, taxpayer-subsidized health insurance.

It’s a great deal. For them.

Scott reportedly pays $360 a year for coverage for himself and his wife. He is among 32,000 select state employees who pay very little out of pocket — as little as $8.34 a month — because the taxpayers cover their costs.

And that’s just the upper echelon employees.

“For all 176,000 state workers with government health care, Floridians spend $1.8 billion in health care costs,” The St. Petersburg Times reported this week. “That amounts to roughly $137 per year spent by every employed taxpayer over the age of 18.”

Gov. Scott once told CNN: “I clearly believe government run health care will be bad for you as a patient. It’ll be bad for you as a taxpayer.”

Bad for us maybe. Not bad for him. …

Of course, when asked about it, Scott’s people brush off the question of his hypocrisy, calling his health coverage a “private matter.” Really? His healthcare, that Florida taxpayers pay for, is a private matter? Really, really???

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One Response to Take that, little people: Rick Scott enjoys his cheap, taxpayer subsidized healthcare

  1. Robert says:

    Governor Scott: Will you answer why you and many of your co-horts receive a subsidezed health insurance from taxpayers of Florida why don’t the rest of us get a deal like that, are the citizens of Florida a good as you folks up there in Tallahassee appafrently not when it comes to health insurance!!!!

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