Today’s Herald column: run, Allen, run

Allen West for U.S. Senate?

Allen West said he has “cracked the door open” on a U.S. Senate run. I say “go for it.”

Why? Because West fits the current Republican Party better than his rivals. Sure, to the average person he seems a bit nuts, but then again, the GOP has veered so far to the right, it has caught up with him ideologically. Here’s a clip:

West wouldn’t need to rebrand himself as an extreme right winger — because he really is one. He’s taken offending Muslims to an almost professional level, is a Fox News all-star and one of the most quoted tea party freshmen in Beltway media circles.

He’s also a prodigious fundraiser — raising more cash so far this year than any of the current crop of Florida U.S. Senate contenders.

More important, West represents where the Republican Party is today.

The GOP in 2011 is not the party of Richard Nixon, or even Ronald Reagan. Reagan raised taxes, gave amnesty to illegal immigrants and, when he was California governor, supported gun control.

The new GOP is a party hell-bent on being exactly what William F. Buckley fought when he kicked the John Birch Society out in the 1950s. Not only would today’s crowd fight tooth and nail against President Dwight Eisenhower’s interstate highway system, it would make common cause with the Birchers who claimed the Republican president was a card-carrying commie.

The new GOP thinks the Civil Rights Act violated segregationist business owners’ privacy rights. It thinks Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and that Medicare should be gotten rid of, as soon as they themselves pass away and no longer need it.

West fits the party as it is, not the way what’s left of the conservative intellectual class (and probably Mitt Romney) wishes it would be.

Sure, he’s catching hell in tea party town halls for voting to raise the debt ceiling, and his press office has issued press releases bragging on the $21 million in filthy federal lucre he brought home to the district to build a runway. That’s the kind of boldfaced hypocrisy that separates the professional “pols” from the losers in revolutionary war getups.

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5 Responses to Today’s Herald column: run, Allen, run

  1. He might as well go for it since he’s likely to lose his House seat anyway. He can do a high-profile faceplant on a more national stage and then join failed candidates Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin on the wingnut grifter circuit.

  2. Kara Owens says:

    West fancies himself a modern day Harriet Tubman – (this is a link to an article on TPM)

  3. Kara Owens says:

    Wow, West also sent his out-of-work brother to speak to (Democrat) Maxine Waters at the job fair… after having called the Democratic Party a “21st plantation” (another TPM article to follow up the other) … What is wrong with this guy?

  4. Rupert says:

    @Kara. If West thinks the Republican party is where African-Americans should go, then he should have the guts to run in Alcee Hastings’ district and see how he does. Not well, I suspect.

  5. j says:

    We must not forget that when his unemployed brother cam to him for help finding a job, he sent his brother to a democratic job fair!

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