Uncorked: DeMint, Hannity and Beck make it a three-fer

Sen. Jim DeMint (center)


Washington Post’s Stephen Stromberg, your witness:

New rule: The only U.S. citizens anyone should be able to call “anti-American” are those who have sworn allegiance to a foreign terrorist group, or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Anything else is just name-calling.

Not to be outdone by DeMint calling the president and his administration “un-American” was Sean Hannity, who reeled off this bit of wisdom about the president:

So we’ve got “the most un-American presidency” in Jim DeMint’s lifetime … a president who governs via his belief in “black liberation theology,” and then there’s Glenn Beck. Oh, Glenn Beck

“Michele Bachmann is no lightweight,” he said. “Neither is Rick Santorum. Neither one of them are going to give on their principles.”

Beck has interviewed Bachmann many times, and has previously said he thinks she should run as Florida Rep. Allen West’s vice presidential nominee.

He also said they would defend America from the havoc the Obama administration will wreak if it loses.

“I firmly believe that race riots are on the way,” he said. “They are being encouraged…[the Obama administration] will take this country down. If it looks like they are losing, the uber left, they will take it down. If I can’t have it, no one will.”

Yeah, you’re gonna want to watch this one.

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  1. Justine O'Hara says:

    hey Rick,

    Remember the Driesler’s , oh in case your memory needs jogging, Martha Towles Barthe Driesler the alcoholic whore married to Stephen Driesler who fucked everyone including you.

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