(Video) ICYMI: Rick Scott gets the business (and the pink slips) at the donut shop

In case you’ve not been paying attention, Florida governor Rick Scott is not popular. Watch as a group of protesters hand him pink slips while he pretends to work like one of the little people, as part of his image rehabilitation tour (he’s even “talking” to the press!):

Meanwhile …

Peter Schorsch is a much, much better person than me. Although there is something rather pathetic about a guy who made a name for himself by being patently ruthless, both in business and in politics, suddenly trying to curry favor with the public by pretending to be your friendly neighborhood donut maker. Not to mention the tackiness of cribbing the “workdays” idea from a far better, actually beloved, governor.

Dan Ruth, your witness:

Last month, Scott acknowledged he was stunned to learn one of the things governors do from time to time is sign death warrants. That revelation didn’t occur to Scott until he was well into his campaign for governor.

How did Scott think these people wind up dead? Did he deduce the Black Spot Fairy suddenly shows up on death row? Did he believe the warden spins a Wheel of Misfortune to pick the unlucky inmate?

Surely at some point over the course of his 57 years at the time he launched his campaign, Rick Scott had read about a governor signing the paperwork for some miscreant that it was time to order up the last meal?

More recently, Scott noted he had only recently learned about Bob Graham’s well-known workdays toiling away as a janitor, or garbage man, or waiter and the like during both his time as governor and later as U.S. senator. Did he even know who Bob Graham was? Better not to go there.

It was such a bully idea that Scott has decided to adopt Graham’s workdays into his own schedule, which began this week when the governor spent time selling doughnuts to constituents in Tampa.

Next up, figuring out his own job. This might take a while. …

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