(Video) In his book, Cheney still usurping Bush’s authority

Who was the boss? Bush ... or Cheney?

George W. Bush says he authorized the military to shoot down passenger planes on 9/11, and that he was the “decider” on invading Iraq. Dick Cheney begs to differ…

But does Dick think his “Condi crying,” “sucker-punch Powell“, “I told Dubya how to do his job” will embarrass old Dubya? And did he flinch when he found out there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Well, just watch the interview:

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One Response to (Video) In his book, Cheney still usurping Bush’s authority

  1. Precious says:

    Whose smirk is bigger? Who is the bigger power and control freak? Who is the bigger liar?

    Has GHWB read or listened to Cheney? He must be having heart attacks listening to Cheney’s account … after GHWB wants his son to be the god of government!

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