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Blacks and liberals, take 3: where is the love?

My third bite at the “black Obama supporters vs white liberals” kerfuffle, posted right now at TheGrio. In which I interview Eugene (Gene) Lyons, author of the “Melissa Harris Perry is a fool” / KKK column at Salon. Also talked … Continue reading

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Just an observation: equating Melissa Harris-Perry to the KKK is a bridge way too far

The left is pleased with the president right now, because his rhetoric is affirming to liberalism (and mocking and condemning of Republicans), and contains sufficiently high voltage language to constitute a rhetorical “fight” against the right — this despite the … Continue reading

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(Video) Bad Lip Reading remixes Rick Perry (and it’s hilarious)

In case you’ve missed this viral video, please save a pretzel for the gas jets and take a look. What’s hilarious about it is that it’s so … damned … believable … By the way …

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Remainders: five things that happened this week

So while you were paying attention to Chris Christie’s massive cry for attention (and Sarah Palin’s even more massive cry for the attention Chris Christie’s getting) here are five other things that happened in American politics…

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Lame: Fox’s Bret Baier tries to spin booing of gay troop

I think they call this the “echo multiplier” excuse…

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ICYMI: The SNL season opener skit, GOP debate

Brilliant opening for SNL, featuring Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry, a great Michele Bachmann by Kristin Wiig, Shep Smith as a “silly little rag doll” (with secrets) and the funniest Ron Paul ever. (“Let the puppies burn!)

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Read this: Melissa Harris Perry asks, is there a liberal racial double-standard for presidents?

In her latest essay for The Nation, Melissa Harris Perry writes about what she calls the two very different standards that white liberals seem to hold presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to.

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And the Florida straw poll winner is … Herman Cain???

Well all I have to say about that is 9, 9 to the muthuf–in 9, baby. Herman Cain is the man in Florida. No, seriously, he won the Florida straw poll.

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Mitt Romney is the smartest kid in class … and so what

So the media verdict is in: even the panel on Fox News lavished praise on Mitt Romney for not just winning the 8-man, 1-woman snoozefest in Orlando last night, but for mopping the floor with his GOP rival, the unsteady … Continue reading

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Palestinians ask the world to recognize their state

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The United States is no longer the arbiter of what the Palestinian people do, or do not do.

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