And the Florida straw poll winner is … Herman Cain???

Herman Cain is the surprise winner of the Florida GOP's Presidency 5 straw poll.

Well all I have to say about that is 9, 9 to the muthuf–in 9, baby. Herman Cain is the man in Florida.

No, seriously, he won the Florida straw poll.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

In a stunner, Atlanta businessman Herman Cain – who campaigned hard in Orlando the past three days with a fiery message of tough decisions for tough times – has won the Florida Presidency 5 straw poll.

Cain, who has never been elected to any office, took 37.4 percent of the vote from Republican delegates gathered at the Orange County Convention Center for the Presidency 5 weekend.

He blew away the field. Texas Gov. Rick Perry finished second with 15.4 percent and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney finished third with 14 percent.

There were 2,657 ballots cast, from among 3,500 delegates. Cain got 986 votes.

The results were pretty dismal for the also-rans:

He was one of only three candidates to stay to deliver last-chance speeches to the delegates Saturday. The other two were former Pennsylvania governor Rick Santorum, who finished fourth with 10.9 percent, and former U.S. speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, who finished sixth, with 8.4 percent.

“You know what? It shows you something. Florida is important. The road to the White House is right through Florida,” said Florida Gov. Rick Scott. “It pays to be here.”

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, finished fifth with 10.4 percent; former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, whose campaign headquarters is in Orlando, finished seventh with 2.3 percent; and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann finished dead last, with 1.5 percent.

Damn, Michele. Just, damn.

Team Perry immediately tried to spin this as a major loss for Romney, though technically, he wasn’t competing in the state (he did send a campaign team, so really, he was competing.) But the results are a definite rebuke for both the front runners, and clearly for Bachmann, who is supposed to be the official tea party caucus rep in the race.

Cain’s personal story apparently resonated with people, and the Orlando tea party types, I can tell you from personal experience, would relish the chance to push a black candidate, to refute the whole ‘tea party racism’ charge.

It’s definitely a big night for Cain, who might be able to spin more good days like this into a compelling argument for why he should get the VP nod, cause you know he’s not going to be the nominee.

Meanwhile, can I ask one more time why anyone in the media is still talking about Jon Huntsman? His campaign is based in Florida — and worse, it’s based in the same area where the straw poll took place. Pitiful, pitiful performance on his part.

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2 Responses to And the Florida straw poll winner is … Herman Cain???

  1. Flo says:

    Sounds like a message to bumbling Rick Perry, and also to Sarah, Chris Christie and Mickey Mouse. But I don’t think Herman Cain needs to start interviewing running mates just yet. As for Huntsman, some pundits were thrilled when he hit TEN percent in a New Hampshire poll; they really want someone besides Romney and Perry to talk about.

  2. Rupert says:

    Herman Cain stuck around for 3 days charming a few hundred “delegates,” and served as the “none of the above” space on the ballot. Will Newt and Rick Santorum ever get the message that nobody cares about them?

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