Blacks and liberals, take 3: where is the love?

White liberals and black Obama supporters: not on the same page.

My third bite at the “black Obama supporters vs white liberals” kerfuffle, posted right now at TheGrio.

In which I interview Eugene (Gene) Lyons, author of the “Melissa Harris Perry is a fool” / KKK column at Salon. Also talked to Imani Gandy of AngryBlackLady, Professor Blair Kelley, Joan Walsh, and a few bloggers on background, to protect them from the herd.


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2 Responses to Blacks and liberals, take 3: where is the love?

  1. Rupert says:

    We’re getting there. Most white liberals do support Obama and abhor Firedoglake. Good for you for talking to Gene Lyons; I’d like to talk to Melissa Harris-Perry.

  2. Len S. says:

    Kvetching is what liberals do? Why the hell wasn’t I born or was raised a conservative? What a bunch of eeyores!

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