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UPDATED: The Herman Cain media background check begins (and it’s beginning to look a lot like Clarence)

A few months ago, Herman Cain told the conservative media his wife Gloria would not be the typical campaign wife, out on the trail supporting her man. Well Gloria, something tells me you’re going to be getting media calls soon.

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Rick Perry hits the reset button on Fox News

Perry’s Sunday interview with Chris Wallace can be summarized as follows: “yeah, rich people will get more money under my tax plan, but I reject class warfare, and plus, they’re the job creators. Can we get to drillin’ now?” Watch: … Continue reading

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The injuring of an Iraq vet at Occupy Oakland changes everything

I had a conversation yesterday with a fellow news person, in which we discussed what could truly change the “Occupy” movement from an interesting mass protest into a movement. In a word: violence.

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The Wednesday huddle: Perry’s bad tax plan, Romney-flopping, and Cainmania… catch it!

Rick Perry has money, but not poll love. Herman Cain has poll love, but no campaign organization to speak of. And Mitt Romney has money and decent polling, but no love.

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Read this: Florida’s Hispanic mosaic

Steve Schale breaks down the changing demographics of Florida’s Hispanic population.

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**UPDATED: (Video) ICYMI: Herman Cain’s ‘smoking ad’

It’s weird … and it’s viral. Let the parodies begin!

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Everybody hates Wall Street

Wall Streeters and bankers are not a popular crowd right now.

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Uh oh… more discrepancies in Rubio’s exile story

This, as they say, is not good.

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Obama ‘can’t wait’ on Congress; will issue an executive order a week

The president appears to have become fed up.

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The new elite: as the U.S. became more inclusive, it became more unequal

Great piece in the New York Times by Columbia University professor Alexander Stille, contrasting the United States’ greater march toward class and racial equality relative to Europe, with this country’s greater cleavage of economic opportunity. In short, we are more … Continue reading

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