Mitt, interrupted

At the CNN debate in Nevada, things just got out of hand. First, Rick Santorum interrupts Romney when he’s trying to wriggle out of his past support for spreading Romneycare far and wide…

And then, Rick Perry won’t let Romney finish after accusing him of hiring illegal immigrants:

I mean geez, man, won’t anybody let Mitt finish?

By the way, the problem for Mitt here is not just the piling on by his fellow candidates (I’m sure Mitt, like everyone else, thought the target would be affixed to Mr. 999 tonight.) It’s also his response, which though delivered with a smile, was extremely testy and a bit douchebaggy. I’m not sure who came off as the bigger jerk, Mitt or the clearly desperate Rick Santorum (who has serious anger management issues, based on the debates I’ve seen so far) but Mitt I think lost his cool in a way that for the first time in this cycle, made him seem un-presidential.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann wins the award for Miss lack of congeniality, insulting President Obama’s family, proposing a Berlin Wall across the southern border, and doing everything but calling for house to house searches of every American home to search for “illegals.”

Could the language of the American right be any more offensive? Jesus, take the wheel…

Meanwhile, Politico’s Roger Simon rolls his eyes at all the fussin’ and fighting.

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3 Responses to Mitt, interrupted

  1. Bdubb says:

    “Nice try, again”, Mitt totally took this one tonight! He answered every question with clarity and he defended all attacks. Romney showed that he can fight a fight, A big part of the base has said that Romney has very little personality, are you kidding me? Look at the way he defends attack after attack. Whoever is gonna go up against Obama needs to have the fight and ability to defend like Romney has, because just today in a speech Obama said all republicans want dirtier water for there kids and want bridges to crumble and almost a 50% majority agree with Obama! we need a Mitt Romney on that stage with Obama to defend those claims! “nice try Obama!” Romney is the man and anyone that thinks Perry or anyone else won tonight’s debate in Nevada obviously wasn’t watching the same debate I was tonight. ROMNEY/RUBIO for 2012!!! or ROMNEY/CAIN for 2012 (no 9-9-9 plan)!!!!

  2. Rupert says:

    Yes, Romney defended Romneycare with such clarity that any suggestion by him that he would repeal Obamacare sounds totally stupid. Bdubb, if you facilitate dirtier water, it’s fair to suggest that is what you want.

  3. lima says:

    Romney defended himself and took up position #4 or #5 I can’t remember which one it was (but no matter by next week it be a new one). People are so desperate that they just don’t listen to what these people are saying… They just hate the Pres. behind reason… Romney don’t care about your issues he plainly stated that at the debate, just how it make him look aka:” Get these illegals out of here, I’ll running for office.”

    Remind anybody of someone else? BUSH….

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